Bach: The Art Of The Fugue 赋格的艺术

Bach – The Art of Fugue (Unamas Fugue Quintet)[UNAMAS]DSD256-dsf] 赋格的艺术

Bach - The Art of Fugue (Unamas Fugue Quintet)[UNAMAS]DSD256-dsf]
Bach – The Art of Fugue (Unamas Fugue Quintet)[UNAMAS]DSD256-dsf]


又名: 赋格的艺术
表演者: Glenn Gould
流派: 古典
专辑类型: 专辑
介质: Audio CD
发行时间: 2001
出版者: Sony
唱片数: 1
条形码: 0074645259529

Bach’s last work, Fugue’s art, is known as the musician’s “philosophical works”. He reflects the beauty of harmony between mathematics and universe contained in music with the high logicality and strictness of structure in music thinking. The peak of the use of counterpoint can be seen from this work. He has dealt with super human brain skills in a very simple and distinct way. The counterpoint skills are extremely complex and delicate, which are not only understood by ear force. Many of them start in C minor, and end in D minor like the best magician’s tricks. But these, only the most attentive audience’s ears can see the moment of change. With the help of tonal jump, music works can be repeated indefinitely until he is deformed by the notes of all scales. Bach explained: “only in this way can the glory of the king be raised while changing tune.” The last Fugue was not finished, in his name “B-A-C-H”. Because in German, B is the falling B, h is the B This is the first time that he has composed music under his own name. It’s very interesting because it’s so easy to spell. It’s the first time he wrote such a fugue. It is believed that this is the fugue of four parts. The final entry point of the work reinterprets the art of fugue. But he died, unfinished. So, he left this amazing ending that ended all of a sudden



Contrapunctus 01 546MB
Contrapunctus 02 474MB
Contrapunctus 03 474MB
Contrapunctus 04 705MB
Contrapunctus 05 488MB
Contrapunctus 06 a 4 in Stylo Franchese 777MB
Contrapunctus 07 a 4 per Augmentationem et Diminutionem 617MB
Contrapunctus 08 a 3 1.03GB
Contrapunctus 09 a 4 alla Duodecima 409MB
Contrapunctus 10 a 4 alla Decima 649MB
Contrapunctus 11 a 4 Triple fugue 956MB
Contrapunctus 12 a 4 rectus 418MB
Contrapunctus 12 a 4inversus 419MB
Contrapunctus 13 a 3 rectus 409MB
Contrapunctus 13 a 3inversus 409MB
Contrapunctus 14 1.22GB




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