David and Bathsheba

David and Bathsheba



圣克莱贝格的歌剧清唱剧《David and Bathsheba》也是如此。形式和内容构成了一个多层次、复杂的伟大艺术作品。好像是在直接跟观众说话。
继2009年格莱美提名专辑《Treble and Bass: Concertos by Ståle Kleiberg》之后,特隆赫姆交响乐团再次录制了圣克莱贝格的作品,这次由爱沙尼亚指挥家tগNu kaljuste指挥。

King David and King Solomon in the biblical story are still closely connected with today’s times. In this story, the emotional and political behavior of the individual inspires basic moral issues. But it’s important to note the connection between macro and micro levels.
The same is true in the opera oratorio “David and Bathsheba” of St å Le kleiberg. Form and content constitute a multi-layered and complex great work of art. It seems to be talking directly to the audience.
Following the 2009 Grammy nominated album treble and Bass: Concertos by St å Le kleiberg, the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra recorded the works of St å Le kleiberg again, this time conducting by Estonian conductor t গ Nu kaljuste.


  1. David and Bathsheba_01_Act I, Introduction (Orchestra) 502MB
  2. David and Bathsheba_02_Act I, Psalm 8 (Chorus) 1GB
  3. David and Bathsheba_03_Act I, Scene I, My Lord, your servant Uriah the Hittite (Joab, Chorus) 265MB
  4. David and Bathsheba_04_Act I, Scene II, Who is this that looks out like the dawn (David) 836MB
  5. David and Bathsheba_05_Act I, Scene II, Who is she (Joab, David) 429MB
  6. David and Bathsheba_06_Act I, Scene II, Come to me Bathsheba (David, Bathsheba) 340MB
  7. David and Bathsheba_07_Act I, Scene II, It is the Lord who gave you your authority (Chorus) 401MB
  8. David and Bathsheba_08_Act I, Scene III, Uriah! Have you not a young wife (Joab, Uriah) 275MB
  9. David and Bathsheba_09_Act I, Scene IV, He would not come, my Lord (Joab, David) 435MB
  10. David and Bathsheba_10_Act I, Scene V, O Husband you are lost to me (Bathsheba) 1.01GB
  11. David and Bathsheba_11_Act I, Scene VI, Eat! Drink! (Uriah, David) 705MB
  12. David and Bathsheba_12_Act I, Scene VI, Down with the poor and honest man! (Bathsheba, Uriah, Chorus) 697MB
  13. David and Bathsheba_13_Act II, Scene I, You are welcome Nathan (Joab, David, Nathan) 350MB
  14. David and Bathsheba_14_Act II, Scene I, There are two men in your city (Nathan, David) 750MB
  15. David and Bathsheba_15_Act II, Scene I, Psalm 51 (David, Chorus) 1.19GB
  16. David and Bathsheba_16_Act II, Scene II, You are come to tell me my son is dead (Bathsheba, Joab) 454MB
  17. David and Bathsheba_17_Act II, Scene II, Why has the fruit of my orchard failed (Bathsheba) 725MB
  18. David and Bathsheba_18_Act II, Scene III, Where are the robes you have torn (Bathsheba, David) 1.02GB
  19. David and Bathsheba_19_Act II, Scene III, The breath in our nostrils (Chorus) 619MB


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