Fryd (欢乐)

CANTUS Tove Ramlo-Ystad 2L_2L158_2ch512 Fryd (欢乐)

CANTUS Tove Ramlo-Ystad 2L_2L158_2ch512 Fryd (欢乐)
CANTUS Tove Ramlo-Ystad 2L_2L158_2ch512 Fryd (欢乐)



圣诞节的传统音乐在教堂内外都有自己的文化土壤。人们最喜欢的圣诞颂歌之一,格拉德朱尔,是基于民间音乐。但显然,民间音乐中还有更多尚未被发现的珍品,人们希望将它们带到阳光下的共同愿望,导致了音乐家乌尼·博克萨普(Unni boksasp)和特里格贝·布罗斯克(trygbe brøske)的合作。

In the album “joy”, cantus female chorus from Norway will invite you to embark on a musical journey together. First came two important female characters: the mother and the Virgin Mary. The choir hopes to pay homage to mothers in Norway, who prepare for Christmas every year, hoping to bring unforgettable festival happiness to their children. At the same time, the choir also dedicated the work to the Virgin Mary in Christianity, who gave birth to the human God.
The traditional music of Christmas has its own cultural soil inside and outside the church. One of the people’s favorite Christmas carols, glade Jul, is based on folk music. But there are obviously more treasures in folk music that have not yet been discovered, and the common desire to bring them to the sun has led to the cooperation of musicians Unni boksasp and trygbe br ø ske.
The lyrics of the chorus works are from the mass Scripture, which reminds us of Mary’s journey to Bethlehem (the birthplace of Jesus); the soft tone of Unni boksasp and the unique folk music expression of Trygve br ø ske remind us of the real joy and happiness of individuals in the Christmas celebration in Norway.


  1. I denne søte juletid 1.43GB
  2. Det lyser i stille grender 954MB
  3. På jorden fryd og glede 1GB
  4. Glade jul 1.32GB
  5. Sancta Maria 1.08GB
  6. Sov, sov liten gut 779MB
  7. Julekveld 900MB
  8. Ave Regina Caelorum 6.19 1.99GB
  9. Deilig er den himmel blå 1.25GB
  10. Kling no klokka 1.48GB
  11. No kime’ alle klokkun’ 1.39GB
  12. O jul med din glede 699MB
  13. Northern Lights 1.47GB
  14. Marias voggesong 1008GB




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