Dominic Fike / What Could Possibly Go Wrong

Dominic Fike / What Could Possibly Go Wrong

Quality:24/48 MQA
Genre:  Indie rock, Surf Rock, Pop, Alternative Rap
Year Of Release:2020
Total Time:00:34:25
Total Size
Label: Sandy Boys (Columbia Records)

美国新生代天才歌手Dominic Fike凭借出道单曲“3 Nights”一炮而红,创下全球近5个亿的流媒体播放量后,将发行首张录音室专辑《What Could Possibly Go Wrong?》,整张专辑由Dom亲自创作与制作,历时一年,将在7月31日与粉丝见面。专辑也收录已发行的单曲”Chicken Tenders”和”Politics & Violence”。

01. Come Here [01:17]
02. Double Negative (Skeleton Milkshake) [02:06]
03. Cancel Me [02:17]
04. 10x Stronger [01:15]
05. Good Game [02:27]
06. Why [02:19]
07. Chicken Tenders [02:50]
08. Whats For Dinner? [02:18]
09. Vampire [03:06]
10. Superstar Sh*t [02:07]
11. Politics & Violence [03:17]
12. Joe Blazey [02:42]
13. Wurli [02:30]
14. Florida [03:47]



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