Sayoko Shimohsa – FEEL SWINGIN’

Sayoko Shimohsa – FEEL SWINGIN’ (2022) Hi Res

Quality:24Bit/96 kHz FLAC
Year Of Release:2022
Total Time:00:37:17
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Label:Grace Notes Records

她与祖父的作曲家Kanichi Shimofusa(以童谣《七夕萨玛》等作品闻名)生活在一起,她的童年生活在一个她只听古典音乐的环境中,3岁时开始弹钢琴。当她在电视节目“沙邦塔马假日”的结尾听到花生乐队演唱的爵士乐数字“星尘”时,她了解到了爵士乐的存在。她在40多岁的时候开始学习爵士乐声乐课程,那时她的孩子还很平静。2020年,当她60多岁时,她发行了首张专辑《Keep Steppin》。

The 2nd album of jazz singer Sayoko Shimohoso, who made her CD debut in 2020 in her 60s, is completed. This time she challenged to form a duo with Hiroshi Kagawa, a master of bass who co-starred in the 1st album. It’s a relieving album full of live feelings.

Having lived with her grandfather’s composer, Kanichi Shimofusa (known for her work such as the nursery rhyme “Tanabata-sama”), her childhood grew up in an environment where she only listened to classical music, and she was 3 Started playing the piano at the age of. She learns about the existence of jazz when she listens to the jazz number “Stardust” sung by The Peanuts at the ending of the TV show “Shabontama Holiday”. She started taking jazz vocal lessons in her 40s when her child-rearing was calm, and released her debut album “Keep Steppin'” in 2020 when she was in her 60s.

01. Sayoko Shimohsa – The Lies Of Handsome Men
02. Sayoko Shimohsa – Come Fly With Me
03. Sayoko Shimohsa – Good Morning Heartache
04. Sayoko Shimohsa – April In Paris
05. Sayoko Shimohsa – In A Mellow Tone
06. Sayoko Shimohsa – The Boy Next Door
07. Sayoko Shimohsa – A Sleepin’ Bee
08. Sayoko Shimohsa – The Folks Who Live On The Hill
09. Sayoko Shimohsa – Nogiku



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