Jan Gunnar Hoff《STORIES (11.2MHz DSD)》

Jan Gunnar Hoff《STORIES (11.2MHz DSD)》
Jan Gunnar Hoff《STORIES (11.2MHz DSD)》



“作为钢琴家和作曲家,音乐对我来说,不仅是语言无法企及的对深刻表达的追求,更是个人情感与乐器之间的桥梁的追求。当我开始演奏一首曲子时,我不知道它会带我去哪里,也不知道它会在哪里结束。如何将已有的作品与即兴创作的性质结合起来,是一个重要的课题。像《God Only Knows》这样的经典曲目需要更加注重个人的诠释,所以这张专辑让我很兴奋。它代表了我的音乐理念-简·冈纳·霍夫
故事是挪威钢琴家简·冈纳尔·霍夫在2L以下录制的第三张个人专辑,是2013年《LIVING》的续集。在这张最新专辑中,霍夫进一步发展了他的音乐创造力,并在他的表演中加入了更多的即兴创作。不同剧目的风格对比强烈,个性和态度明显。他们有的以轻柔的动作表现出深沉的情感,有的则以非常规的节奏震撼人心。除了原著外,霍夫还改编了两部经典的《God Only Knows》和瑞典民间的《Värmlandsvisan》,展现了他的创作才华。

“As a pianist and composer, music for me is not only the pursuit of profound expression beyond the reach of language, but also the pursuit of the bridge between personal feelings and instruments. When I start playing a piece, I’m not sure where it will take me or where it will end. It is an important subject how to integrate the already written works with the improvisation nature. Classic tracks like “God only know” have to pay more attention to personal interpretation, so this album is exciting for me. It represents my music concept – Jan Gunnar Hoff
Stories is the third solo album of Norwegian pianist Jan Gunnar Hoff recorded under 2L, which is a sequel of living released in 2013. In this latest album, Hoff further developed his creativity in music and added more improvisation to his performance. There is a strong contrast between the styles of different repertoires, with obvious personality and attitude. Some of them show full weight of profound emotions with soft movements, while others shake people’s hearts with unconventional rhythms. In addition to his original works, Hoff also adapted two pieces of the classic “God only knowledge” and the Swedish folk “V ä rmlandsvisan”, showing his talent in composition.


Jan Gunnar Hoff – Absence 608MB
Jan Gunnar Hoff – Answer Me 707MB
Jan Gunnar Hoff – Blossom 817MB
Jan Gunnar Hoff – Figment I 454MB
Jan Gunnar Hoff – Figment II 457MB
Jan Gunnar Hoff – Figment III 326MB
Jan Gunnar Hoff – God Only Knows 636MB
Jan Gunnar Hoff – Good Things 536MB
Jan Gunnar Hoff – Journey Home 611MB
Jan Gunnar Hoff – Playground 575MB
Jan Gunnar Hoff – Reminiscence 749MB
Jan Gunnar Hoff – Stranger 463MB
Jan Gunnar Hoff – The Elder 777MB
Jan Gunnar Hoff – Värmlandsvisan 751MB
Jan Gunnar Hoff – Within 741MB


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