Yazmina Raies Trio – ¡De Una!

Yazmina Raies Trio – ¡De Una! (2021) [Hi-Res]

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其中一些成员是著名的探戈舞者奥克斯塔·埃斯库埃拉·埃米利奥·巴尔卡塞(Orquesta Escuela de Tango Emilio Balcarce)的毕业生,属于DGEART(艺术教育总方向)
三人组于3月8日晚在布宜诺斯艾利斯广播电台“La2 x 4”的现场直播中首次亮相,从而在我们的文化传统史上被降级的流派中占据了女性的地位。

Yazmina Raies Trío

It is an instrumental tango trio that emerged in the city of Buenos Aires in early 2018. It starts from the own sound of tango and seeks to get closer to more modern sounds from its harmonies and tempo changes, rescuing one of the mythical formations of our River Plate music, with dynamics of great character and where the three instruments have the same hierarchy thus exploiting the technical and expressive possibilities of each one of the instrumentalists.
Coming from the province of Santa Fe and Buenos Aires in Argentina and from the city of Okayama in Japan, these three young women come together in tango seeking to amalgamate the rich tradition of the genre with their own musical baggage.
Some of its members are graduates of the prestigious Orquesta Escuela de Tango Emilio Balcarce belonging to the DGEART (General Direction of Artistic Education)
The trio debuts in the live broadcast for Buenos Aires radio “La 2 x 4” on the night of March 8, thus claiming the place of women in the genre which has been relegated in the history of our cultural traditions.
The trio quickly settled in the Buenos Aires music scene giving concerts in different rooms such as: The Torquato Tasso Cultural Center, The Benigno Cultural Center, Oliverio Girondo, Café Vinilo and Usina del Arte.
At the end of 2018, Yazmina receives from the hands of Maestro Víctor Lavallen, famous bandoneon player of the tango sextet and the Osvaldo Pugliese orchestra, unpublished works to arrange in trio format and thus a repertoire begins to form that not only revives the arrangements of great trios of the history of tango and classic tangos but also of contemporary tangos as well as own compositions.
Our ambition is to enrich tango from its instrumental format, from the beauty of the music that is written to be heard, respecting the history of the genre, in search of new sounds.

1.01 – Yazmina Raies Trio – Comme Il Faut (3:08)
1.02 – Yazmina Raies Trio – Romance de Barrio (3:11)
1.03 – Yazmina Raies Trio – Quejas de Bandoneón (4:42)
1.04 – Yazmina Raies Trio – Vals para Mamá (2:51)
1.05 – Yazmina Raies Trio – Milonga Vecina (3:02)
1.06 – Yazmina Raies Trio – Lo Que Vendrá (4:17)
1.07 – Yazmina Raies Trio – Vuelvo al Sur (4:00)
1.08 – Yazmina Raies Trio – Romance de Primavera (3:20)
1.09 – Yazmina Raies Trio – Buenosaireando (3:25)



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