Smooth Lounge Piano – All Smooth Jazz Piano Lounge

Smooth Lounge Piano – All Smooth Jazz Piano Lounge (2021) Hi-Res

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公司:S2S / Relaxing Jazz Records


A collection where you can enjoy the smooth and soft jazz piano research. The English word “smooth” may be read as “smooth” or “smooth”. It may be that the person makes the difference, rather than the case. In fact, in the fashion industry, there is the word “smooth fabric”, and both the front and back look like flat knitting and are soft to the touch. In turn, leather products that are soft to the touch are called “smooth leather.” However, in Japan, it may be more common to have voiced sound, such as “smooth things carry”. Of course, the meaning is “smooth” and the same. This work “All Smooth Jazz Piano Lounge” is a collection where you can enjoy jazz piano that is so smooth that it is too familiar to your ears. I want to feel the expression of the piano leisurely.

01. For the Smoothest of Moods (2:09)
02. Drinks and Sounds (2:18)
03. Life Is the Lounge (2:07)
04. Ragtime Niceties (2:10)
05. All in Good Time (2:08)
06. Lounging Spot (2:12)
07. All Happy with the Sound (2:10)
08. The Place Where Jazz Lives (2:09)
09. The West Coast Is for Lazing (2:03)
10. Toned Down Times (2:08)
11. Love’s Life in the Lounge (2:11)
12. Real Lounge Star (2:12)
13. The Hipster’s Happy Hour (2:12)
14. My Usual Seat in the Lounge (2:11)
15. Ballad of a Cool Place (2:11)
16. Comfortable Places I Like (2:08)
17. At the Smoothest Lounge (2:09)
18. New Orleans Original (2:04)
19. Sitting Pretty (2:08)
20. Just Sit and Listen (2:07)
21. Lazy Lounging Moods (2:08)
22. The Message of Jazz (2:10)
23. Lounge Specialty (2:12)
24. A Corner in the Dark (2:09)
25. Especially Smooth (2:23)



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