Various Artists – SACD Two Channel & Multichannel Demonstration Disc 试音首选

Various Artists – SACD Two Channel & Multichannel Demonstration Disc 索尼首张SACD测试蝶

Various Artists – SACD Two Channel & Multichannel Demonstration Disc 索尼首张SACD测试蝶


码率:2822400 Hz

又是一张极为精彩的SACD专辑。一向专注于SACD生产的Sony公司,为了向世人宣告SACD已逐渐成为新一代讯源的主流,特地精心企划了以Groove Note唱片公司为主、另搭配上来自DMP、Fim与Hyperion几家发烧唱片公司的精采录音作品,以DSD(Direct Stream Digital)方式混音再制出最高品质的SACD合辑。
  Sony以石破天惊的打击乐曲“Ogoun Badagris”揭开本片序幕,速度不够快、低频不够延伸稳固、动态不够宽广、空间扩散不够自然,或是声音缺乏弹性的系统,都很难享受到那种摧枯拉朽的惊人音效。接下来的几首爵士演奏,以极为平顺的高低频延伸和清澈见底的透明感,让录音中的细纹肌理毫无保留的呈现出来,乐器的真实度堪称一绝,人声演唱部分也要比过去一般CD,更为引人入胜。您想知道什么才是弦乐录音的最高成就?听听本片中的第6首“绿袖子幻想曲”与第9首“德布西钢琴三重奏”就对了!而能将合唱曲衬托地分外典雅祥和的空间缭绕感和泛音扩散性,也在宗教意味浓厚的第10轨中娓娓道出。

Another wonderful SACD album. Sony, which has been focusing on the production of SACD, in order to announce to the world that SACD has gradually become the mainstream of the new generation of news sources, it has carefully planned the excellent recording works mainly from groove note record company, coupled with several fever record companies such as DMP, FIM and Hyperion, to produce the highest quality SACD ensemble with DSD (direct stream digital) mixing.
Sony kicked off the film with the rock shattering percussion music “ogoun badaglis”. It is hard to enjoy the amazing sound effect that is not fast enough, the low frequency is not stable enough, the dynamic is not wide enough, the space diffusion is not natural, or the sound is not flexible. The next few Jazz performances, with extremely smooth high and low frequency extension and clear transparent feeling, let the fine grain texture in the recording appear without reservation. The authenticity of the instrument can be rated as excellent, and the vocal singing part is more attractive than the ordinary CD in the past. What do you want to know is the highest achievement of string recording? Listen to the sixth “green sleeve Fantasia” and the Ninth “Debussy piano trio” in this film! And the elegant and peaceful space and overtone diffusion that can set off the chorus are also expressed in the 10th track with strong religious significance.


1. The Robert Hohner Percussion Ensemble – Ogoun Badagris (4.27)
2. Anthony Wilson Trio – Chitlins Con Carne (7.23)
3. Bill Cunliffe Trio – lreland (5.49)
4. Linda Rosenthal – La Paloma (3.24)
5. Luqman Hamza – Feeling Good (6.08)
6. Teresa Perez – Fantasia On Greensleeves (4.58)
7. River Of Sorrow – High Mountain Flowing (3.11)
8. Jacintha – Autumn Leaves (7.45)
9. The Florestan Trio – Debussy Piano Trio – Finale (4.57)
10.Goudeamus Sacred Feast – O Sacrum Convivum(Tallis) (4.21)
11.Bennie Wallace – Moodsville;When A Woman Loves A Man (6.27)


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