Alexandra Whittingham – My European Journey

Alexandra Whittingham – My European Journey


码率:192Khz 24bit
录音时长:65 minutes

在过去的四年里,吉他手亚历山德拉·惠廷厄姆(Alexandra Whittingham)不仅通过音乐会和比赛的成功,而且最重要的是在网上,她的古典吉他曲目视频表演在YouTube上获得了超过2500万的浏览量。现在,她带来了她所有的新鲜感,魅力,好奇心和决心承担她的第一张录音室专辑。在音乐人和观众之间的关系从未像现在这样热门的一年里,我的欧洲之旅证明了想象力在一个前所未有的物质障碍时代所能取得的成就。

Over the last four years, guitarist Alexandra Whittingham has reached listeners worldwide, not only through concerts and competition successes but above all online, where her video performances of classical guitar repertoire have gained over 25 million YouTube views. Now she brings all of her freshness, charm, curiosity and determination to bear on her first studio album. Recorded in a year when the relationship between musicians and audiences has never been more topical, My European Journey is a testament to what the imagination can achieve in a time of unprecedented physical barriers.


  1. Tárrega: Capricho árabe
  2. Tárrega: Recuerdos de la Alhambra
  3. Bosch, J: Brimborion, Op. 11: Romance sans paroles
  4. Mertz: Elegie
  5. Pratten: Forgotten
  6. Rung, F: Albumsblade No. 43: Humoreske
  7. Coste, N: Le Départ – Le Retour, fantaisie dramatique, Op. 31
  8. Shand: Légende, Op. 201
  9. Shand: The Gnomes, Op. 77
  10. Legnani: Fantasia, Op. 19
  11. Regondi: Introduction and Caprice, Op. 23



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