5 Tracks in DSD 1024

5 Tracks in DSD 1024

Quality:DSD 1024
Year Of Release:August 5, 2021
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Label:NativeDSD Presents

NativeDSD始终站在阅读新决议的前列,以实现听众的愿望。其中一个愿望是DSD 1024,这是一些数字模拟转换器(DAC)或数字音频播放器(DAP)目前可以接受的分辨率。为了测试DSD 1024的性能,我们在过去的几个月里与5家音乐公司和我们的技术顾问合作创建了这个采样器。
DSD 1024中5首曲目的音乐以全明星音乐家阵容为特色,包括奥布里·洛根、比尔·坎托斯、加博·瓦尔加爵士三重奏、哈维尔·拉索、马蒂恩·科内特、曼弗雷德·霍内克指挥的匹兹堡交响乐团、拉加泽四重奏和洛杉矶网络。我们感谢他们的音乐标签–2xHD Mastering、Resonation Records、Hunnia Records、Eudora Records、Channel Classics和参考录音参与本项目。
与Higher rates Program(HRP)中的所有其他速率一样,DSD 1024中的5首曲目具有五首DSD 1024分辨率的曲目,由NativeDSD自己的格莱美奖得主汤姆·考菲尔德使用Signalyst HQ Player 4 Pro mastering tools创建和掌握。我们谨代表各硬件制造商和NativeDSD团队及客户,借此机会感谢Tom Caulfield所做的所有工作。如果没有Tom,我们无法提供所有这些速率,以如此高质量的DSD比特率水平掌握,也无法提供给所有创作者和工程师的内容。非常感谢你!就像你一样,我们很想听听听众对这种新的DSD比特率的看法。

NativeDSD is always on the forefront of perusing new resolutions to live up to listener’s wishes. One of those wishes has been DSD 1024, a resolution few Digital to Analog Converters (DAC) or Digital Audio Players (DAP) can accept just yet. To test the waters of DSD 1024, we spent the past few months creating this Sampler in collaboration with 5 Music Labels and our Technical Advisors.

The music on 5 Tracks in DSD 1024 features a lineup of all-star musicians including Aubrey Logan, Bill Cantos, Gabor Varga Jazz Trio, Javier Laso, Martijn Cornet, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra conducted by Manfred Honeck, Ragazze Quartet, and The L.A. Network. Our thanks to their music labels – 2xHD Mastering, Resonance Records, Hunnia Records, Eudora Records, Channel Classics and Reference Recordings for participating in this project.

Just like all the other rates in the Higher Rates Program (HRP), 5 Tracks in DSD 1024 features five tracks in DSD 1024 resolution created and mastered by NativeDSD’s own Grammy® Award winner Tom Caulfield with the Signalyst HQ Player 4 Pro mastering tools. On behalf of various hardware manufacturers and the NativeDSD Team & Customers, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Tom Caulfield for all the work that he does. We could not be offering all these rates, mastered at such a high-quality DSD bit rate level, and to the content of all creators and engineers if it weren’t for Tom. Thank you very much! Just like yourself, we are curious to hear from listeners what they think of this new DSD bit rate.

01. Sayoko Shimohsa – The Lies Of Handsome Men
02. Sayoko Shimohsa – Come Fly With Me
03. Sayoko Shimohsa – Good Morning Heartache
04. Sayoko Shimohsa – April In Paris
05. Sayoko Shimohsa – In A Mellow Tone
06. Sayoko Shimohsa – The Boy Next Door
07. Sayoko Shimohsa – A Sleepin’ Bee
08. Sayoko Shimohsa – The Folks Who Live On The Hill
09. Sayoko Shimohsa – Nogiku



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