Mr & Mrs Cello – Great Film Music (Arr. for Two Cellos)

Mr & Mrs Cello – Great Film Music (Arr. for Two Cellos) (2022) [Hi-Res]

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Year Of Release: 2022
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由衷的,舒缓的,难以置信的浪漫。马西米利亚诺·马丁内利先生和富尔维亚·曼奇尼夫人,即大提琴先生和夫人,以其对音乐专业知识的热情展示,在古典音乐领域点燃了电的火花。2018年,这对组合完美融合了精湛技艺和优雅气质,凭借首张单曲《Nuvole Bianche》风靡全球。到目前为止,他们广受欢迎的跨界系列包括三张专辑,已经在Spotify上吸引了超过一百万的流媒体,他们令人惊叹的大提琴组合将由哈尔·伦纳德在2020年春季出版。就像其他数码明星布鲁克林二人组和钢琴演员一样,大提琴夫妇正在发展我们对古典音乐的观念,帮助弥合古典音乐和流行音乐之间的差距。这对夫妇在几次国际比赛中获奖,从小就演奏大提琴,并在意大利和瑞士学习。2005年,他们被大师里卡多·穆蒂(RiccardoMuti)选中,在他的第一支路易吉·切鲁比尼交响乐团(LuigiCherubini Orchestra)演奏,并在欧洲和亚洲的室内乐团体中担任独奏家和演奏家。总部设在瑞士的马蒂内利先生和曼奇尼夫人是巴德豪斯霍根举办的音乐节经典作品《am Zuerichsee》的艺术总监。他们也是著名的音乐教育家,他们坚定地致力于通过发展优秀的技术和自信的舞台表现来帮助他人发挥自己最好的一面。他们已收到邀请,在日本北海道音乐大学和意大利西西里音乐大学表演和教授大提琴和室内乐。他们目前正在重要的音乐节上演出,如贝加莫的“阿尔弗雷多·皮亚蒂”国际大提琴节,未来将在欧洲、中国、韩国和美国演出。

Heartfelt, soothing, and unbelievably romantic. Mr Massimiliano Martinelli and Mrs Fulvia Mancini, aka Mr & Mrs Cello, are igniting sparks of electricity in the classical music scene with their passionate display of musical expertise. Seamlessly mixing virtuosity and elegance, in 2018 the duo swept worldwide audiences right off their feet with their debut single Nuvole Bianche. Their popular Crossover series, which comprises three albums so far, has attracted over 1 million total streams on Spotify, and their stunning cello arrangements will be published by Hal Leonard in the spring of 2020. Much like fellow digital stars Brooklyn Duo and The Piano Guys, Mr & Mrs Cello are evolving our idea of classical music, helping bridge the gap between the classical and pop music worlds. Prize winners in several international competitions, the couple played cello since they were children, and studied in Italy and Switzerland. In 2005 they were chosen by Maestro Riccardo Muti to play in his first Luigi Cherubini Orchestra, and have performed both as soloists and in chamber music groups across Europe and Asia. Based in Switzerland, Mr Martinelli and Mrs Mancini are Artistic Directors of the music festival Classics am Zuerichsee, that takes place by Horgen, in Badhaus. Also notable music educators, they are firmly committed to helping others bring out the best in themselves through the development of excellent technique and a confident stage presence. They have received invitations to performe and to teach cello and chamber music at the Music University in Hokkaido, Japan as well as the Music University in Sicily, Italy. They are currently performing in important festivals, such as the “Alfredo Piatti” International Cello Festival in Bergamo, and will perform in the future in Europe, China, Korea and the US.

1 01. Mr & Mrs Cello – Theme from “Love Story” (03:01)
1 02. Mr & Mrs Cello – Amarcord (02:11)
1 03. Mr & Mrs Cello – Nuovo Cinema Paradiso (04:13)
1 04. Mr & Mrs Cello – Deborah’s Theme (From “Once Upon a Time in America”) (05:19)
1 05. Mr & Mrs Cello – Eye of the Tiger (From “Rocky III”) (02:05)
1 06. Mr & Mrs Cello – Mission Impossible (Theme from “Mission: Impossible”) (01:43)
1 07. Mr & Mrs Cello – Mia and Sebastian’s Theme (From “La La Land”) (02:27)
1 08. Mr & Mrs Cello – No Time to Die (03:58)
1 09. Mr & Mrs Cello – Moon River (From “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”) (02:04)
1 10. Mr & Mrs Cello – The Immigrant (Medley from “The Godfather”, Finale, Love Theme) (03:56)



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