Marina Thibeault & Marie-Ève Scarfone – Elles

Marina Thibeault & Marie-Ève Scarfone – Elles (2019) [Hi-Res]

Quality:24bit-96kHz FLAC (tracks+booklet)
Year Of Release:2019
Total Time:68:38
Total Size:1.12 GB
Label:ATMA Classique

《ELLES》是中提琴手玛丽娜·蒂博特和钢琴家玛丽·伊芙·斯卡方的新专辑,其中包括19世纪和21世纪杰出女作曲家克拉拉·舒曼、范妮·亨塞尔、娜迪亚·布朗格、丽贝卡·克拉克、莉莲·福斯和安娜·皮德戈纳的中提琴、钢琴和中提琴独奏曲目。玛丽娜·蒂博特拥有众多荣誉和荣誉,包括佩雷·林赛基金会、加拿大启示电台、CBC的“30名30岁以下的热门古典音乐家”和西尔瓦·盖伯基金会的奖项。玛丽·伊芙·斯卡方毕业于曼哈顿音乐学院和蒙特利尔大学,在加拿大和国外都有杰出的钢琴家生涯。她曾在北美、欧洲、亚洲和中东演出。玛丽·伊芙·斯卡方(Marie Eve Scarfone)最近被任命为蒙特利尔歌剧院(Opera de Montreal)抒情工作室(Atelier Lyrique)的主教练,她非常热爱声乐艺术。她还担任麦吉尔本科(McGill University)的声乐教练,蒙特利尔交响乐团(Montreal Symphony Orchestration)的代表,以及蒙特利尔国际音乐比赛(Montrel International Music Competition)的正式钢琴家。
Marina Thibeault,中提琴

ELLES, the new album by the violist Marina Thibeault and pianist Marie-Eve Scarfone features repertoire for viola and piano and viola solo by exceptional 19th and 21st century women composers: Clara Schumann, Fanny Hensel, Nadia Boulanger, Rebecca Clarke, Lilian Fuchs, and Anna Pidgorna. Marina Thibeault holds numerous honors and distinctions, including prizes from the Pere-Lindsay Foundation, Revelation Radio-Canada, CBC’s “30 hot classical musicians under 30,” and the Sylva Gelber Foundation. A graduate from the Manhattan School of Music and the Universite de Montreal, Marie-Eve Scarfone has a distinguished career as a pianist both in Canada and abroad. She has performed across North America as well as in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Recently appointed Head Coach at the Opera de Montreal’s Atelier Lyrique, Marie-Eve Scarfone has a great love for vocal art. She also works as a vocal coach at McGill University, as a repietiteur at the Montreal Symphony Orchestra and as an official pianist at the Montreal International Musical Competition.

Marina Thibeault, viola
Marie-Eve Scarfone, piano

1. 3 Romances, Op. 22 (Arr. for Viola & Piano): No. 1, Andante molto
2. 3 Romances, Op. 22 (Arr. for Viola & Piano): No. 2, Allegretto
3. 3 Romances, Op. 22 (Arr. for Viola & Piano): No. 3, Leidenschaftlich schnell
4. 3 Pieces for Cello & Piano (Arr. for Viola & Piano): No. 1, Modéré
5. 3 Pieces for Cello & Piano (Arr. for Viola & Piano): No. 2, Sans vitesse et à l’aise
6. 3 Pieces for Cello & Piano (Arr. for Viola & Piano): No. 3, Vite et nerveusement rythmé
7. Dämmrung senkte sich von oben (Arr. for Viola & Piano)
8. Viola Sonata: I. Impetuoso
9. Viola Sonata: II. Vivace
10. Viola Sonata: III. Adagio
11. Sonata pastorale: I. Fantasia
12. Sonata pastorale: IIa. Pastorale
13. Sonata pastorale: IIb. Allegro – Energico
14. The Child, Bringer of Light (Version for Viola)



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