Raphaela Gromes – Klengel, Schumann – Romantic Cello Concertos

Raphaela Gromes – Klengel, Schumann – Romantic Cello Concertos

Raphaela Gromes – Klengel, Schumann – Romantic Cello Concertos (2020) [24-48]

Quality:24bit-48kHz FLAC (tracks+booklet)
Year Of Release:2020
Total Time:60:41
Total Size:595 MB
Label:ATMA Classique

慕尼黑大提琴手拉斐拉·格罗姆斯(Raphaela Gromes)一直以其出色而富有表现力的大提琴演奏而闻名。她最近两张关于索尼古典音乐《奥芬巴赫》和《理查德·施特劳斯大提琴奏鸣曲》的专辑(史特劳斯的大提琴演奏奏鸣曲原版的世界首映唱片)刚刚被提名为经典作品。这位大提琴手的另一个特点是她对音乐寻宝的享受。格罗姆斯的新专辑在全球首映也令人惊讶:这是勃拉姆斯和施特劳斯同时代的朱利叶斯·克伦格尔(1859-1933)的第三首大提琴协奏曲,作品31,他在很小的时候就被誉为全欧洲的奇迹大提琴家。这首协奏曲之前未出版的手稿现在已经安排好供格罗姆斯录音。大提琴家谈到这部作品时说,这部作品充满了近乎门德尔松式的轻快旋律,她与尼古拉斯·卡特(Nicholas Carter)指挥的柏林Rundfunk Sinfonieorchester Berlin一起录制了这部作品。节目还包括罗伯特·舒曼的著名大提琴协奏曲、理查德·施特劳斯的大提琴与管弦乐队浪漫曲,以及R·舒曼、克拉拉·舒曼和约翰·勃拉姆斯的浪漫二重奏曲:罗伯特·舒尔曼的《献身曲》摘自歌曲《Myrthen》,由朱利安·里姆为大提琴和钢琴重新编排。克拉拉·舒曼(Clara Schumann)为大提琴和钢琴创作的“浪漫曲”最初是她第一首钢琴协奏曲的中间乐章。勃拉姆斯的《第五号匈牙利舞曲》由著名大提琴家阿尔弗雷多·皮亚蒂编曲。在这些作品中,格罗姆斯由她的长期钢琴搭档朱利安·里姆伴奏。

The Munich cellist Raphaela Gromes has long been celebrated for her brilliant and expressive cello playing. Her last two albums on Sony Classical “Offenbach” and “Richard-Stauss-Cello Sonatas” (with the world premiere recording of the original version of Strauss’ Cello Sonata) have just been nominated for the Opus Classic. What also distinguishes the cellist is her enjoyment of the musical treasure hunt. Gromes also surprises with a world premiere on her new album: it is the 3rd Cello Concerto op. 31 by Brahms and Strauss contemporary Julius Klengel (1859-1933), who was acclaimed as a miracle cellist throughout Europe at an early age. The previously unpublished manuscript of this concerto has now been arranged for Gromes’ recording. It is full of voluptuous melodies with an almost Mendelssohnian lightness, says the cellist about the work, which she recorded together with the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin conducted by Nicholas Carter. Also on the programme are the famous cello concerto by Robert Schumann, a Romance for cello and orchestra by Richard Strauss, and romantic duo pieces by R. Schumann, Clara Schumann and Johannes Brahms: Robert Schumann’s “Dedication” is taken from the song cycle “Myrthen” and was newly arranged for cello and piano by Julian Riem. The “Romance” for cello and piano by Clara Schumann is originally the middle movement of her 1st piano concerto. And the arrangement of Brahms’ “Hungarian Dance No. 5” is by the famous cellist Alfredo Piatti. In these works, Gromes is accompanied by her long-time piano partner Julian Riem.

1. I. Allegro non troppo (7:53)
2. II. Intermezzo. Allegretto (4:16)
3. III. Kadenz (3:42)
4. IV. Finale. Vivace (6:13)
6. I. Nicht zu schnell (10:58)
7. II. Langsam (3:48)
8. III. Sehr lebhaft (7:42)
5. Romanze for Cello and Orchestra in F Major, TrV 118, Op. 13: Andante cantabile (8:25)
9. Myrthen, Op. 25: I. Widmung (Arr. for Cello & Piano) (2:07)
10. Concerto for Piano and Cello in A Minor, Op. 7: II. Romanze. Andante ma non troppo con grazia (2:54)
11. Hungarian Dances, WoO 1: V. Allegro in F-Sharp Minor (Arr. for Cello & Piano) (2:49)



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