Annelien Van Wauwe – Belle epoque

Annelien Van Wauwe – Belle epoque (2019) [24-96]

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Year Of Release:2019
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比利时单簧管演奏家安妮莲·范·沃韦在她的五音首张专辑《Belleépoque》中,与国家里尔管弦乐团及其音乐总监亚历山大·布洛赫一起,重现了昔日的金色光芒。该节目围绕着法国世纪之交的音乐珍品,如德彪西的普雷米埃狂想曲、皮埃内的《坎佐内塔》和维多的《引子与回旋曲》(后两首由杰尔·塔西恩斯安排)。Belleépoque还提供了与这个时代有着精神联系的作品,如勃拉姆斯的第一首单簧管奏鸣曲,由卢西亚诺·贝里奥编排,以及巴黎当代作曲家曼弗雷德·特罗扬(Manfred Trojahn)(单簧管与管弦乐狂想曲)的世界首演录音。
Annelie van Wauwe是前BBC新一代艺术家,2018年著名的Borletti Buitoni信托奖得主。她与PENTATONE合作推出了首张个人专辑。国家里尔管弦乐团和亚历山大·布洛赫在2018年录制了比塞特的《佩尔斯之歌》(Les Pêcheurs de perles)后,发行了他们的第二张五音专辑,并以迪帕松·多尔(Dipason d’or)加冕。

Belgian clarinettist Annelien Van Wauwe revives the golden glow of a bygone age on her PENTATONE debut album Belle époque, together with the Orchestre National de Lille and its music director Alexandre Bloch. The programme is built around treasures of French turn-of-thecentury music such as Debussy’s Première Rhapsodie, Pierné’s Canzonetta and Widor’s Introduction et Rondo (the latter two in arrangements by Jelle Tassyns). Belle époque also offers works that display a spiritual kinship to the age, such as Brahms’s first clarinet sonata, arranged by Luciano Berio, and a world-premiere recording of Parisbased contemporary composer Manfred Trojahn (Rhapsodie pour clarinette et orchestre).

Annelien van Wauwe is a former BBC New Generation Artist and winner of the renowned Borletti-Buitoni Trust Award 2018. She kickstarts an exclusive collaboration with PENTATONE with this first solo album. The Orchestre National de Lille and Alexandre Bloch release their second PENTATONE album, after their 2018 recording of Bizet’s Les Pêcheurs de perles, crowned with a Diapason d’or.

Claude Debussy:
01. Première rhapsodie, L. 116 (Version for Clarinet & Orchestra)

Manfred Trojahn:
Rhapsodie pour clarinette et orchestre
02. I. Rêverie
03. II. Intermède avec valse à la musette
04. III. Caprice

Gabriel Pierné:
05. Canzonetta in E-Flat Major, Op. 19 (Arr. J. Tassyns for Clarinet & Orchestra)

Johannes Brahms:
Clarinet Sonata in F Minor, Op. 120 No. 1 (Arr. L. Berio for Clarinet & Orchestra)
06. I. Allegro appassionato
07. II. Andante un poco adagio
08. III. Allegretto grazioso
09. IV. Vivace

Charles-Marie Widor:
10. Introduction et rondo, Op. 72 (Arr. J. Tassyns for Clarinet & Orchestra)



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