气之道 (Road of Intention)

气之道 (Road of Intention)

气之道 (Road of Intention)




有许多“气场”(power spot),为到访的人们创造了意向。泽口真生(Mick Sawaguchi)已经到日本一些非常有名的“气场”进行录音,录制下了空气、风和水流的声音。村上史郎的钢琴,以在三个“气场”之地进行的多天的现场环境声录制并进行编辑带来的灵感为基础进行创作。这三个地点,位于日本最大的断层系中央构造线上,朝向太平洋。

“Surround Scape”环绕声的概念
这声音真的是大地和天空本身的力量。如果这种力量与环绕声表达领域中的乐器和声音相互作用,它将创造一个空间从自然界中感受其节奏,来取代我们人类的节奏。并且,当大地的气息与我们发生共鸣时,人们就能获得平静清醒而又充满爱的巨大精神力。环绕声“Surround Scape”是为了传达出上述理念而设计的新的录音类型。到目前为主,在Instituto Italiano di Cultura 和其他地点已有几场这样的音乐会开展了。现在以96kHz /24-bit的环绕声格式将它呈现给您,希望您会喜欢它作为一种PC影音娱乐的新方式。
                                                                                             ——泽口真生(Mick Sawaguchi)  
“Surround Scape”是一个由录音工程师泽口真生(Mick Sawaguchi)发展的艺术仓库。他通过收集特定主题下全球范围内的自然声音,然后将它与音乐相混合。过去已有的活动包括关于舞蹈和音乐的音乐会、现代音乐会以及多个舞台的音响设计等,受邀参加韩国、中国、新加坡等国家关于环绕声的讲座,被视为全球音频界的“环绕幕府将军”。

There are many “power spots” that create intentions for the visitors. Mick Sawaguchi has gone to some of Japan’s most famous “gas fields” to record the sound of air, wind and water. Murakami Shiro’s piano is based on the inspiration from the environmental sound recording and editing in three “aura” places. These three sites, located on the central structural line of Japan’s largest fault system, face the Pacific Ocean.
The concept of “surround scape”
Surround sound has been widely used in music production, especially in classical music and movies. I’ve been trying to explore ways of recording that satisfy “one plus one equals three or more.”. Try to mix music with other sound components to achieve an effect that allows the sounds of nature to interact with certain influences of music. Sounds in the environment and in nature challenge many artists who use stereo sound and head recording. But when I use surround sound recording to capture the stereoscopic perspective of this sound, I feel infinite power. More importantly, it sounds absolutely comfortable.
It’s the power of the earth itself. If this power interacts with musical instruments and sounds in the field of surround sound expression, it will create a space to feel its rhythm from nature instead of our human rhythm. Moreover, when the breath of the earth resonates with us, people can obtain the great spiritual power of calm, sober and full of love. Surround scape is a new recording type designed to convey the above concept. To date, several such concerts have been held in Instituto Italiano Di cultura and other locations. Now it is presented to you in 96KHz / 24 bit surround sound format. I hope you will like it as a new way of PC video entertainment.
——Mick Sawaguchi
“Surround scape” is an Art Warehouse developed by recording engineer Mick Sawaguchi. He collects natural sounds around the world on a specific theme and mixes it with music. Past activities include concerts on dance and music, modern concerts and sound design for multiple stages. Invited to lectures on surround sound in South Korea, China, Singapore and other countries, it is regarded as the “surround shogunate general” in the global audio industry


  1. 分杭峠 (Bunkui-Mountain Rustle) 453M
  2. 户隐-早鸟 (Togakushi-Early Bird) 450M
  3. 銚子-旋涡 (Cho-shi-Rolling Wave) 472M


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