Yo-Yo Ma – 致未来的音符 (Notes for the Future)

Yo-Yo Ma – 致未来的音符 (Notes for the Future) (2021) Hi-Res


码率:96 kHz/24 bit
总大小:670 Mb

与Angélique Kidjo、Mashrou’Leila+Narcy、Tunde Olaniran、Jeremy Dutcher、Andrea Motis、ABAO、Lila Downs和Marlon Williams合作
现在请听Angélique Kidjo的新单曲“Blewu”。
《未来笔记》汇集了来自五大洲的杰出艺术家:跨越九条轨道,马加入Angélique Kidjo、Mashrou’Leila+Narcy、Tunde Olaniran、Jeremy Dutcher、Andrea Motis、ABAO、Lila Downs和Marlon Williams,探索我们的恐惧和希望,提醒我们未来是我们共同塑造的。
《未来笔记》捕捉了全方位的人类情感,从专辑主打单曲的哀叹,与Angélique Kidjo合作的《Blewu》(被《时代》杂志命名为“非洲首席女歌手”),到马修和贝鲁特摇滚乐队Mashrou’Leila(配音)在《Ha’oud(我会回来)”中为家而充满活力的祈祷“阿拉伯世界最具影响力的独立乐队”,由英国《金融时报》报道。与马云的许多作品一样,《未来笔记》在全球范围内广泛流传,在国内也根深蒂固,来自美洲的曲目包括:《门口》来自密歇根州音乐家通德·奥拉尼兰(Tunde Olaniran)的马和弗林特(Flint)的乐观情歌;来自已故芝加哥作曲家柯勒律治·泰勒·帕金森(Coleridge Taylor Perkinson)的开创性的《悲歌》、《黑人/民歌组曲》和《荣誉之歌》的马对加尔文里·奥斯蒂纳托(Calvary Ostinato)的独奏表演来自马和杰里米·达彻的米克马克国歌,唤起了我们共同关心我们共同星球的集体责任。

Yo-Yo Ma joins artists from five continents on forthcoming album Notes For the Future, available September 10.

With Angélique Kidjo, Mashrou’ Leila + Narcy, Tunde Olaniran, Jeremy Dutcher, Andrea Motis, ABAO, Lila Downs, and Marlon Williams

Listen to the new single “Blewu” with Angélique Kidjo now.

Cellist Yo-Yo Ma announces his new album, Notes for the Future, set for release on September 10, 2021 on Sony Classical and available now for preorder.

Notes for the Future brings together extraordinary artists from five continents: across nine tracks, Ma joins Angélique Kidjo, Mashrou’ Leila + Narcy, Tunde Olaniran, Jeremy Dutcher, Andrea Motis, ABAO, Lila Downs, and Marlon Williams to explore our fears and hopes, reminding us that the future is ours to shape, together.

Notes for the Future captures the full range of human emotion, from the lament of the album’s lead single, a collaborative version of “Blewu” with Angélique Kidjo (named “Africa’s premier diva” by TIME), to the energetic prayer for home in “Ha’oud (I Will Return)” from Ma and Beirut-based rock band Mashrou’ Leila (dubbed “the Arab world’s most influential independent band” by Financial Times). Like so much of Ma’s work, Notes for the Future is at once profoundly global and deeply rooted at home, with tracks from the Americas including: “Doorway,” an optimistic ballad of connection from Ma and Flint, Michigan-based musician Tunde Olaniran; Ma’s stark solo performance of the Calvary Ostinato from the late Chicago composer Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson’s seminal “Lamentations, ‘Black/Folk Song Suite;’” and “Honor Song,” a Mi’kmaq anthem from Ma and Jeremy Dutcher that invokes our collective responsibility to care for the planet we share.

Originally inspired by the Bach Project, Yo-Yo Ma’s global journey to explore how culture can help us imagine and build a better world, these nine tracks — featuring vocals in Arabic, Zapotec, Catalan, Paiwan, Spanish, Mi’kmaq, Wolastoqey, Ewe, Maori, and English — celebrate the wisdom of the generations that were and the possibility of those to come.


01. Lamentations, “Black/Folk Song Suite”: III. Calvary Ostinato (3:17)
02. Honor Song (4:47)
03. Doorway (3:49)
04. Blewu (2:51)
05. Ha’oud (I Will Return) (3:45)
06. El Cant dels Ocells (Song of the Birds) (6:09)
07. La Sandunga (4:19)
08. Thank You (4:11)
09. Te Whakaroha Nui (2:03)




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