Kuniko – Xenakis IX

Kuniko – Xenakis IX (2015) Hi-Res


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所以这里有一些新的东西可以咀嚼。听 Kuniko Kato 演奏“Rebonds”,这是一首最初由 Iannis Xenakis 创作的打击乐作品,是一种完全充实、包罗万象的体验。六分钟的乐曲是一种推动力,一连串动感十足的小鼓、木块和低音鼓。即使您从未在您的生活中编排过一个动作(或有任何愿望),关于这首音乐的某些东西也会激发您的想象力,推出整个 Pina Bausch 式的舞蹈表演。

作者:“Rebonds”最初是由音乐理论家和作曲家 Iannis Xenakis 创作的。加藤邦子是一位日本打击乐独奏家,其无与伦比的才华使她在无数国家巡回演出,成为受人尊敬的乐团的成员,并发行了一张名为“声音空间实验”的独奏专辑。她即将发行的专辑“IX”收录了 Xenakis 的两首著名作品。在 NPR 上收听。

So here’s a little something new to chew on. To hear Kuniko Kato perform “Rebonds,” a percussion piece originally written by Iannis Xenakis, is to undertake a totally fulfilling, all encompassing experience. The six-minute composition is a driving force, a movement-heavy cascade of bongos and wooden blocks and bass drums. Even if you’ve never choreographed a movement in your life (or had any desire to), something about this piece of music drives your imagination to roll out an entire Pina Bausch-like dance performance.

By: “Rebonds” was originally composed by music theorist and composer Iannis Xenakis. Kuniko Kato is a Japanese percussion soloist whose unparalleled talent has taken her to tour across countless countries, allowed her to be a member of esteemed ensembles, and to release an album of solo work called “Sound Space Experiment.” Her forthcoming album, “IX,” covers two well-known pieces by Xenakis. Listen over at NPR.


  • 01 – I. Mélanges
  • 02 – II. Métaux
  • 03 – III. Claviers
  • 04 – IV. Peaux
  • 05 – Rebonds A
  • 06 – Rebonds B




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