Touch of Contra Bass

Touch of Contra Bass

Touch of Contra Bass




In the 25th Japan professional recording award, unamas won the best award / best studio award in high resolution category for this album
Kitamura Yiping, bass soloist. The bass Department of the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra.
The first violin is assistant concert master Tian Jishun of Tokyo Symphony Orchestra. The second violin is Takeda Shizhi from the second violin Department of the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra and Nakamura Fengzi from the first violin Department of the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra. The viola is the multi well Qianyang of the Viola Department of the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, and the cello is the West Valley shepherd of the same Symphony Orchestra. Subwoofer is a free performer of the instrumental music department of Tokyo University of art.
This album, hosted by Mick Sawaguchi, is the 8th play of ohga Hall Classic Series under the brand of unamas, with “Italy” and “bass” as the key words. The following works are included in the album: Giovanni botesini’s “Violin & Viola + 5 string players’ duet Concerto grand Duo” Concertant “, two violins, one Cello and one bass based on Rossini’s string Sonata No.
The concept of this album is “even in the role played by classical instruments, there are a lot of music with bass as supporting role.”. However, the unamas brand has always been based on the emphasis on low frequency bass album production as a unified brand concept. In this work, the bass as a solo instrument, strive to pursue the unique rich sound reverberation of Dahe concert hall and the unique fine bass charm of the bass. ” The recording was completed in Dahe Concert Hall on December 11 and 12, 2017.


  1. Gran Duo Concertante 2565M
  2. Sonata for Strings NO.1 in G Major Moderate 1306M
  3. Sonata for Strings NO.1 in G Major Andante 698M
  4. Sonata for Strings NO.1 in G Major Allegro 427M
  5. Theme from Schindler’s List 956M


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