Hoff Ensemble – Polarity dsd256

Hoff Ensemble – Polarity dsd256



 “我的主要目标是为我制作的每一张专辑创建一个特定的身份。这次我选择了安德斯·乔敏和奥登·克莱夫,这两位斯堪的纳维亚最好的爵士乐艺术家。其结果是极性,一张基于我的新作品和旧作品的专辑,在一个独特的声学环境中被记录下来“—Jan Gunnar霍夫2018

写出一段经久不衰,久听不厌的旋律是一项令人激动的挑战。专辑中Jan Gunnar Hoff的早期作品在全新的三重奏编制当中展现了与以往完全不同的风貌,音乐的呈现更加立体、纯粹。抒情曲目《Moving》流露出了一中平和乐观的情绪;《Revamp》中则包含了专辑核心的音乐元素,原始而直接的爵士乐表现形式贯穿全曲,把乐团带入了一个更传统的爵士乐氛围当中。

The album “polarity” attempts to explore the internal connection between the tracks and convey a more complete auditory experience. During the performance, the moments of natural inspiration and the natural audio world in the church environment will affect the final recording effect. These works are inspired by real experience and special mood.
“I wrote a lot for my Quartet and other orchestras. A few years ago, I wanted to make a trio album, but until recently, the idea really began to take shape. It’s very important to define a clear overall music direction, and let the musicians involved reach a consensus on aesthetics, but at the same time, I also hope to maintain the personalized style in my music creation. The two musicians I worked with for the first time, Otton Clive and Anders jomin, have a long recording experience in the Scandinavian jazz music circle, and they are still eager to explore and encourage the established trio form. Instead of traditional studio productions, we recorded albums in church. ” – Jan Gunnar Hoff
It’s an exciting challenge to write a melody that lasts and listens to for a long time. In the album, Jan Gunnar Hoff’s early works show a completely different style in the new trio preparation, and the music is more three-dimensional and pure. The lyric “moving” shows a moderate and optimistic mood; revamp contains the core music elements of the album, and the original and direct form of jazz performance runs through the whole music, bringing the orchestra into a more traditional jazz atmosphere.


01 Innocence
02 Revamp
03 The Elder
04 Polarity
05 Beginning
06 Justice
07 Moving
08 Euphoria
09 Within
10 Sacred
11 Pathway
12 Home


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