蒙娜丽莎的眼泪 (Mona Lisa’s Tear)

蒙娜丽莎的眼泪 (Mona Lisa's Tear)
蒙娜丽莎的眼泪 (Mona Lisa’s Tear)

蒙娜丽莎的眼泪 (Mona Lisa’s Tear)


码率: 44.1kHz/24bit

不让蒙娜丽莎白落泪 林志炫力求完美出辑

“歌唱公务员”林志炫对音乐品质的挑剔,是众所周知的,新力唱片为达到他“零缺点”的要求,带者他远赴美国,和超级大牌制作人Tony Smith合作。Tony Smith是国际知名创作人David Fost的最佳拍挡,两人携手合作过的许多大牌歌星,包括惠妮休斯顿、芝加哥合唱团等。林志炫新专辑“蒙娜丽莎的眼泪”中的歌曲,全由Tony Smith包办编曲,Tony Smith送给他一段话:“Terry(林志炫) is one of the best singers that I know in any language。”还要求把这句话打在专辑里。




Don’t let Mona Lisa cry
It is well known that Lin Zhixuan, a “singing official”, is critical of music quality. In order to meet his “zero defect” requirement, Xinli records took him to the United States and cooperated with Tony Smith, a super famous producer. Many of the best singers in Chicago, including David and Houston, have worked together to create the best singers. All the songs in Lin Zhixuan’s new album “Mona Lisa’s tears” were arranged by Tony Smith. Tony Smith sent him a message: “Terry is one of the best singers that I know in any language.” He also asked to type this sentence in the album.
In the latter part of the album, Han Boduo, the top mixer, is the exclusive mixer for Queen Celine Dion, who takes good care of Lin Zhixuan. One day, while they were recording, Humboldt suddenly stopped working, took off his famous brand jacket and asked Lin Zhixuan to put it on. He said, “you have a million voices, but your appearance needs to be strengthened to become a superstar.” Therefore, Xinli paid for Lin Zhixuan to buy ten sets of famous brand song clothing, and dyed his hair to keep his elegance and give him a modern sense.
The title song “Mona Lisa’s tears” was written by Taiwan’s famous musical talent Zheng huajuan. Zheng huajuan has cooperated with Lin Zhixuan in such well-known songs as “youth Tour”, “amorous species” and so on, singing the madness and excitement of young people. This time, Zheng huajuan specially made a love song “Mona Lisa’s tears” as the main song for Lin Zhixuan. The main reason is that Zhixuan has more mature and in-depth understanding of “love” because of his emotional experience and accumulation in life Hua Juan feels that modern men and women are eager for a true love, so she is inspired by the love song Mona Lisa’s tears.
Another main song is “give you some, don’t give some”. It is a proposal to show off the attitude towards life after helping others think. There are many imperfections in life, and even love is not satisfactory. It teaches people to laugh at the gains and losses of life, grasp the present, and teach you to face the ups and downs of life with a relaxed attitude. The melody of this song is mainly light. Zhixuan uses a lot of colloquial, very casual and free singing methods, so that we can have another fresh feeling in the passionate love song. This fresh style allows us to experience the little bit of life more easily and more easily. I believe that after listening to it, we will have a more pleasant life experience.


  1. Coming Home 00:04:45 57M
  2. 蒙娜丽莎的眼泪 (Mona Lisa’s Tear) 00:04:26 48M
  3. 蜘蛛 (Spider) 00:04:24 48M
  4. 我的眼流下你的泪 (My Eyes, Your Tears) 00:04:46 53M
  5. 这就是爱 (This Is Love) 00:03:40 40M
  6. 拆穿 (See Through You) 00:04:21 45M
  7. 给你一些不给一些 (Something Good, or Bad for You Life) 00:03:54 43M
  8. Miss Mama 00:04:31 49M
  9. 互动 (Chain Reaction) 00:05:18 59M
  10. 多给一点少给一点 (Little More, Little Less) 00:05:10 60M
  11. 冬 (Winter) 00:03:50 41M ¥18.00
  12. 总有 (There’s Always) 00:03:38 42M




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