Lossless Coco Tomita & Simon Callaghan – Origi

Lossless Coco Tomita & Simon Callaghan – Origins (2022) Hi-Res music

Quality:Hi-Res | FLAC | 24bit/192KHz
Year Of Release: 2022
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Total Size:1.28 Gb
Label:Orchid Classics

在2020年英国广播公司(BBC)青年音乐家弦乐决赛中获得冠军的富田可可(Coco Tomita)的首张专辑以各种各样的节目为特色,包括埃内斯库(Enescu)、普伦克(Poulenc)、布朗格(Boulanger)、胡贝(Hubay)、拉威尔(Ravel)和德彪西(Debussy)的作品。她的首张专辑的曲目选择完全是Tomita自己的:“完全自由地与世界分享我想分享的东西是了不起的,简单地说,我喜欢我所选择的所有作品。”。这些年来,他们一直与我产生共鸣,我发现每一首曲子和作曲家之间都有着非常有趣的联系。该节目还涉及20世纪的重要人物,尤其是我非常尊敬的女性小提琴手这些小提琴手包括普伦克小提琴奏鸣曲背后的驱动力吉内特·内韦,以及杰利·德阿兰尼——由延胡贝教授,他的卡门是托米塔在BBC青年音乐家演唱会上大受好评的专辑中的一首。她对普伦克和拉威尔奏鸣曲特别着迷,这两首歌是专辑的核心:“有太多东西需要探索和表达。”

Winner of the Strings Final of the BBC Young Musician in 2020, Coco Tomita’s stunning debut album features a varied programme, including works by Enescu, Poulenc, Boulanger, Hubay, Ravel and Debussy. The choice of repertoire for her debut recording was entirely Tomita’s own: ‘Having complete freedom over what I wanted to share with the world was amazing, and put simply, I love all the pieces I’ve chosen deeply. They’ve resonated with me over the years, and I found really interesting connections between every piece and composer. The programme also relates to key figures of the 20th century, especially female violinists I hugely respect.’ Those violinists include Ginette Neveu, the driving force behind Poulenc’s Violin Sonata, and Jelly d’Aranyi – taught by Jenő Hubay, whose Carmen is one of the pieces on the album that Tomita played to such acclaim during the BBC Young Musician. She is particularly fascinated by the Poulenc and Ravel Sonatas, which are at the heart of the album: ‘there’s just so much to explore and express.’

  1. Impressions d’enfance, Op. 28 (Arr. for Solo Violin)
  2. Violin Sonata, FP 119: I. Allegro con fuoco
  3. Violin Sonata, FP 119: II. Intermezzo
  4. Violin Sonata, FP 119: III. Presto tragico
  5. 2 Pieces for Violin & Piano: No. 1, Nocturne
  6. Carmen (Fantaisie brillante), Op. 3 No. 3 [After Bizet’s WD 31]
  7. Violin Sonata No. 2 in G Major, M. 77: I. Allegretto
  8. Violin Sonata No. 2 in G Major, M. 77: II. Blues. Moderato
  9. Violin Sonata No. 2 in G Major, M. 77: III. Perpetuum mobile. Allegro
  10. Beau soir, L. 6 (Arr. J. Heifetz for Violin & Piano)



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