Minnie Riperton – Perfect Angel

Minnie Riperton – Perfect Angel (2015) [Hi-Res]

Quality:FLAC (tracks) [192kHz/24bit]
Year Of Release:1974 / 2015(再版)
Total Time:36:39
Total Size:
1.41 GB
Capitol Records

《完美天使》是米妮·里贝顿最好的专辑,也是她最接近明星的专辑。史提夫·旺德参与了鼓、键盘和其他乐器的演奏,还创作了几首曲目。《理由》是她最棒的高音,而主打歌则是一个美妙的节奏变化。她还获得了她最受欢迎的歌曲《爱你》,这首歌成为了一首经典歌曲。【2017年,在多次重新发行后,最初的Capitol品牌发布了最终的豪华版,由约翰·莫拉莱斯(John Morales)混合的扩展版进行了扩展。】~罗恩·韦恩(Ron Wynn)

Perfect Angel is the best Minnie Riperton album, and still the closest she came to stardom. Stevie Wonder chipped in on drums, keyboards, and other instruments, and also wrote several tracks. “Reasons” was her finest uptempo tune, while the title track was a wonderful change-of-pace number. She also got her biggest hit, “Lovin’ You,” which became a signature tune. [In 2017, following numerous reissues that quickly went out of print, original label Capitol released a definitive Deluxe Edition, expanded with extended versions mixed by John Morales.] ~ Ron Wynn

01. Reasons (3:26)
02. It’s So Nice (To See Old Friends) (4:44)
03. Take A Little Trip (4:08)
04. Seeing You This Way (2:43)
05. The Edge Of A Dream (4:22)
06. Perfect Angel (3:42)
07. Every Time He Comes Around (3:54)
08. Lovin’ You (3:59)
09. Our Lives (5:41)



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