Love Bossa – Relaxing Jazz Played at a Tea Party

Love Bossa – Relaxing Jazz Played at a Tea Party (2022) Hi-Res lossless

Quality:FLAC (tracks) / FLAC (tracks) 24bit-96kHz
Year Of Release: 2022
Total Time:53:13
Total Size:854 Mb


Relaxing Jazz Played at a Tea Party to improve the concentration of time to absorb knowledge and information. In the past, it was common knowledge that when reading, there was absolutely no sound, but nowadays more and more people are reading at cafes. , There are many people who carry their favorite music on their smartphones and listen to it while wearing headphones or earphones. There are also many BGM collections on sale that help you focus more on reading. This work “Reading Time on the Bright Window” is one of the BGM collections, but the decisive difference is that it incorporates minor chords well. Speaking of this kind of BGM, it is standard to be slow with major chords, but this work also controls the ups and downs of emotions by incorporating minor chords.

01. Time for Our Tea (2:03)
02. Stewing Time (2:17)
03. Clattering of Cups (2:06)
04. Brewing in New Orleans (1:59)
05. Party Snacks (2:03)
06. Fresh Tea (2:05)
07. Chill Supping (1:58)
08. Leafy Moods (2:18)
09. Echoes of Boston (2:09)
10. Sophisticated Partying (2:16)
11. For Your Brewing Pleasure (2:18)
12. Sugar and Ragtime (2:11)
13. Tea Explosion (2:09)
14. It’s Fine China Time (2:14)
15. Cups and Saucers (2:00)
16. Read You Tea Leaves (2:09)
17. Party Life (2:23)
18. At the Teapot (2:08)
19. Music for the Moment (1:55)
20. The Hipster Stirring (1:57)
21. All My Favorites (2:12)
22. Cakes Can Accompany (2:05)
23. Tea’s Up (2:15)
24. West Coast Shipment (2:05)
25. Party Sounds (2:10)



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