Diana Panton – Blue

Diana Panton – Blue Hi-Res

Quality:FLAC (tracks) 24/192
Year Of Release:2023
Total Time:01:04:51
Total Size:1.67GB


The culminating trilogy of romance spanning more than a decade, this is two-time Juno Award winner Diana Panton’s 10th album. The trilogy began with PINK (2009 Juno nominee in Canada and Silver Disc Award winner in Japan), followed by RED (2015 Juno winner) and now the highly acclaimed BLUE. The eponymous colours symbolically suggest the emotional arc of a relationship; PINK being the infatuation of first-time love, RED, the passion of true love, and BLUE, the heartbreak and mystery of love lost. What makes Panton special is that she’s herself. You feel her relaxed, playful personality throughout the quality of her remarkable voice. She has a unique, magical quality.

01 – Medley: Where do You Start? Once Upon a Time (6:13)
02 – Yesterday (4:02)
03 – Without Your Love (3:41)
04 – Losing My Mind (4:18)
05 – This Will Make You Laugh (3:08)
06 – The Trouble with Hello Is Goodbye (4:33)
07 – I’m Gonna Laugh You right Out of My Life (3:48)
08 – To Say Goodbye (3:54)
09 – Meaning of the Blues (5:23)
10 – I’ll Only Miss Him When I think of Him (2:15)
11 – It’s Always 4 Am (5:52)
12 – Just Sometimes (5:07)
13 – How Did He Look? (2:16)
14 – Nobody’s Heart (3:27)
15 – Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year (4:12)
16 – You Are There (2:42)



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