Clio K – Jasmine in November

Clio K – Jasmine in November (2023) [24-44,1]

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Year Of Release:2023
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Ankh Jazz

希腊-法国竖琴演奏家兼作曲家克里奥·K(Clio K.)以器乐专辑《阿里阿德涅》(Ariadne)为我们所熟悉,她带着她的新作品回归,专辑的神秘标题是《十一月的茉莉花》(Jasmine in November)。
Clio K.使用一种乐器,虽然古老,但大多数人都熟悉西方古典音乐,他决定借助一种共同的语言,即音乐,在不同的世界之间架起一座桥梁。

The Greek-French harpist and composer Clio K., familiar to us with the instrumental album “Ariadne”, returns with her new work, an album with the mysterious title “Jasmine in November”.
Clio K., using an instrument, although ancient, but familiar to most people from Western classical music, decides to create a bridge between different worlds with the help of a common language, music.

1 01. Clio K – Blue Mooning (05:19)
1 02. Clio K – My Funny Valentine (03:23)
1 03. Clio K – Take Five (04:18)
1 04. Clio K – Corcovado (03:34)
1 05. Clio K – Invisible Lover (03:49)
1 06. Clio K – Clouds in Between Us (05:24)
1 07. Clio K – Meno Ektos (03:21)
1 08. Clio K – Blue Bird (07:08)
1 09. Clio K – She (05:59)
1 10. Clio K – Jasmine In November Improvisation (06:03)



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