UNAMAS日本专业音乐录音奖获奖作品集 (UNAMAS Awarded Best Selections) [11.2MHz DSD]

UNAMAS日本专业音乐录音奖获奖作品集 (UNAMAS Awarded Best Selections) [11.2MHz DSD]

UNAMAS日本专业音乐录音奖获奖作品集 (UNAMAS Awarded Best Selections) [11.2MHz DSD]
UNAMAS日本专业音乐录音奖获奖作品集 (UNAMAS Awarded Best Selections) [11.2MHz DSD]




这张专辑包含了从2013年到2019年的6部获奖作品——从2015年起连续5年获奖,其中2部获得了最高奖项——并将艺术、技术和工程这三个关键元素组合在一起。它充满了泽口真生(Mick Sawaguchi)的激情,他是音乐艺术的领军人物。其详细而完整的录音将成为今后录音艺术史上的一座里程碑,为高质量的音乐作品提供借鉴。


This album is a collection of selected works from Japan’s most famous professional music recording award, Japan professional music recording award. It is a collection of works released by unamas. Unamas is a music record company that has been dedicated to the distribution of high-quality works since the advent of high-resolution surround sound in 2007.
The album contains six winning works from 2013 to 2019 – five years in a row since 2015, two of which have won the highest awards – and combines three key elements of art, technology and engineering. It’s full of the passion of Mick Sawaguchi, a leader in the art of music. Its detailed and complete recording will become a milestone in the history of recording art in the future, providing reference for high-quality music works.
Japan professional music recording award is the most prestigious professional music recording award in Japan. The award was established in 1994. Its main purpose is to evaluate and reward the application works of music engineers who play an important role in the development of music culture and industry, so as to improve the technical level of engineers and explore the next generation of talented engineers


  1. Concerto No.3 in F Major.RV 293 Autumn 00:12:11 1968M
  2. Sonata for Strings NO1 in G Major Andante 00:04:14 685M
  3. Theme from Schindler’s List 00:05:55 956M
  4. Franz Schubert No-14 in D minor Death and the Maiden Allegro 00:16:24 2650M
  5. Contrapunctus 01 00:03:17 532M
  6. Contrapunctus 14 00:07:45 1252M
  7. Jour Naissant 00:03:55 627M
  8. Fugace 00:05:07 827M


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