Quiet Winter Night

Quiet Winter Night (11.2MHz DSD)
Quiet Winter Night (11.2MHz DSD)

Quiet Winter Night (11.2MHz DSD)



《安静的冬夜》是第55届格莱美最佳环绕声专辑提名专辑(2012年最佳环绕声专辑),由挪威2L唱片公司和Hoff ensemble联合推出。

Quiet winter night, the 55th Grammy best surround sound album nomination album (best surround sound album 2012), is jointly presented by 2L records from Norway and Hoff ensemble.
Hoff ensemble is composed of a group of Norway’s top jazz musicians and professional studio musicians. Since 1993, Hoff ensemble has been active in the International Jazz music world. He has performed with many jazz masters such as Mike stern, pat Metheny, Maria Joao and Alex acuna. In addition to the regular members of the orchestra, the recording also invited nyckelharpa and anbjorg lien, the eight stringed fiddle performer, to integrate the unique Norwegian style into these Jazz tracks. The album is produced by 2L company. All tracks are recorded in DXD level recording standard (352khz / 24bit). The ultra-high resolution sound quality combined with the specially released surround sound version makes you feel as if you are in the performance scene and feel every delicate expression in the notes in a quiet winter night.


01.Dronning Fjellrose 577MB
02.Stille, stille kommer vi 647MB
03.Dele alle ord og tanker 583MB
04.Redd Mamma 466MB
05.Sulla, sulla krekling 520MB
06.Blågutten 639MB
07.Ville fjellgutt 534MB
08.Hva skal hende nå 657MB
09.Ved bålet 382MB
10.Tufsa danser 576MB
11.Vesle rare bygdeunge 662MB
12.En Blånissekveld 446MB
13.Kveldslokk for små unger 474MB
14.Lys i desember 615MB
15.Ved bålet – instrumental bonus version 392MB




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