Camille Thomas – Voice Of Hope

Camille Thomas – Voice Of Hope (2020) [24-96]

码率: 24-bit/96 kHz
总大小:1.29 Gb

“美丽将拯救世界,”陀思妥耶夫斯基写道,这是卡米尔·托马斯在这张唱片中所说的话。不是为了享乐主义而美丽,而是相信痛苦和希望之间有一条火线的美丽。卡米尔·托马斯(Camille Thomas)的新专辑就说明了这一点,它的结构就像围绕着法齐尔·赛伊(Fazil Say)创作的大提琴协奏曲的群岛。卡米尔·托马斯(Camille Thomas)于2018年首映,她的专辑涵盖了十位作曲家的作品,让我们从痛苦走向希望。在门槛上,我们看到了三首曲子:拉威尔的《卡迪施》令人心碎的旋律,是犹太人为死者祈祷的升华;普赛尔的《迪多》中的悲歌,类似于等待她死亡的女王的摇篮曲,赤裸裸,没有悲情;在这两部作品之间,是格鲁克的《奥菲奥》中被祝福的灵魂的温柔舞蹈,我们在舞蹈中听到了希望的最初信号。这张专辑今天可以预购,并附有格鲁克歌剧《欧里迪斯》中的《祝福之舞》的预售曲目。

“Beauty will save the world,” wrote Dostoyevsky, which is the claim that Camille Thomas makes throughout this record. Not beauty for the sake of hedonism, but a beauty that believes there is a burning line to be drawn between pain and hope. Camille Thomas’ new album illustrates this, structured like an archipelago surrounding the Cello Concerto composed by Fazil Say. Camille Thomas gave its premiere in 2018, and her album spanning the work of ten composers, allows us to travel the path from pain to hope. On the threshold, we meet three pieces: the heart-rending melody of the Kaddisch by Ravel, a sublimation of the Jewish prayer for the dead; the lamentation from Purcell’s Dido, quasi a lullaby from the queen who awaits her death, in a nakedness without pathos; and between those two works, the tender Dance of the Blessed Spirits from Gluck’s Orfeo, in which we hear the first signals of hope. The album is available today for pre-order and is accompanied by the pre-release track of Gluck’s Dance of the Blessed Spirits from his opera Orfeo ed Euridice.

01 – 1. Kaddisch (Transcr. For Cello And Orchestra By Richard Tognetti).flac                     
02 – Dance Of The Blessed Spirits (Arr. For Cello And Strings By Mathieu Herzog).flac            
03 – -When I Am Laid In Earth- Dido’s Lamento (Arr. For Cello And Strings By Mathieu Herzog).flac
04 – 1. Never Give Up.flac                                                                       
05 – 2. Terror – Elegy.flac                                                                     
06 – 3. Song Of Hope.flac                                                                        
07 – 1. Adagio ma non troppo.flac                                                               
08 – 2. Un poco più animato.flac                                                                 
09 – 5. Träume (Arr. For Cello And Orchestra By Mathieu Herzog).flac                             
10 – 4. Songs My Mother Taught Me (Adapt. For Cello And Orchestra).flac                          
11 – Williams- Theme From -Schindler’s List- (Adapt. For Cello And Orchestra).flac               
12 – -Pourquoi me réveiller- (Adapt. For Cello And Orchestra).flac                              
13 – -Una furtiva lagrima- (Adapt. For Cello And Orchestra).flac                                 
14 – -Casta Diva- (Arr. For Cello And Orchestra By Mathieu Herzog).flac                          
15 – -Dalla sua pace- (Adapt. For Cello And Orchestra).flac                                      
16 – -Va, pensiero- (Arr. For Cello And Orchestra By Mathieu Herzog).flac     



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