Nemanja Radulović – Roots

Nemanja Radulović – Roots (2022) [24Bit-96kHz] FLAC

Quality:24bit-96kHz FLAC (tracks+booklet)
Year Of Release:2022
Total Time:59:56
Total Size:1.09 GB
Label:Warner Classics

在内曼贾·拉杜洛维奇(Nemanja Radulovic)的祖国塞尔维亚(Serbia)用他的合奏双传感器录制。在新冠肺炎大流行期间想象,当时拉杜洛维克花时间思考今天、过去和未来的音乐。展示不同表情和声音的各种作品;Nemanja发现了新的演奏方法,并探索了小提琴的多种颜色。

Recorded in Nemanja Radulovic’s homeland of Serbia with his ensemble Double Sens. Imagined during the Covid-19 pandemic, when Radulovic took time to consider music of today, the past, and the future. A variety of pieces showcasing different expressions and sounds; Nemanja discovered new ways of playing and explored the many colours of the violin.

1. Hommage à Aleksandar Šišić (Medley) (3:13)
2. Makedonsko devojče (3:17)
3. Gelem, Gelem (3:14)
4. The Butterfly Lovers (5:36)
5. Spanish Dance from La vida breve (Violin Part by Kreisler) (3:32)
6. King David (3:33)
7. Mndra mja (3:01)
8. Manhã de carnaval (3:35)
9. Indifférence (2:54)
10. Hommage à Jean Carignan (Medley) (3:04)
11. Takeda Lullaby (2:52)
12. Mambo (3:07)
13. Moscow Nights (3:11)
14. Por una cabeza (3:08)
15. Što te nema (4:48)
16. Gypsies Are Found Near Heaven (5:11)
17. Katchur Khan (2:49)



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