Roxane Elfasci – Hommage à Debussy

Roxane Elfasci – Hommage à Debussy (2021) Hi-Res

公司: Amigo

2016年,来自巴黎的罗克珊·艾尔法西上传了她与古典作曲家克劳德·德彪西的巨作克莱尔·德鲁恩的对决。5年后,这段视频获得了700万的浏览量,全世界粉丝的评论铺天盖地。该频道的粉丝不断增加。罗克珊是古典吉他的专业音乐家,曾就读于奥内苏斯博伊斯音乐学院和巴黎高级音乐学院等学校。此外,她还拥有巴黎索邦大学音乐学学位。5月初,Clair de Lune终于在DSP上发布了,这条赛道已经积累了超过500k条流。我们现在可以期待一张专辑,罗克珊将继续演绎德彪西的音乐。

Roxane Elfasci from Paris uploaded in 2016 her take on the classical composer Claud Debussy’s biggest hit Clair de Lune. 5 years later the video have amassed 7M views and the comments from fans all over the world have been overwhelming. The channel is constantly increasing with followers. Roxane is a professional musician in classical guitar and has studied at schools such as the Aulnay-sous-Bois Conservatory and the Pôle Supérieur de Paris. In addition, she also has a degree in musicology from the Sorbonne University in Paris. At last Clair de Lune was released on DSPs early May and the track has already amassed over 500k streams. We can now look forward to an album, where Roxane continue to interpret Debussy’s music.

01. Clair de Lune (Arr: James Bishop-Edwards)
02. Rêverie (Arr: Daniel Bachelar)
03. Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum (Arr: Roxane Elfasci)
04. Arabesque n°1 (Arr: Roxane Elfasci)
05. Soirée dans Grenade (Arr: James F. Smith)
06. Tombeau de Claude Debussy
07. Plainte au loin du faune
08. Pour un hommage à Claude Debussy: I. Prélude
09. Pour un hommage à Claude Debussy: II. Pastorale
10. Pour un hommage à Claude Debussy: III. Postlude



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