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Year Of Release:2022
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阿尔玛·奈杜(Alma Naidu)是德国慕尼黑的一名歌手、钢琴家、作曲家和作词人,她被苏德·蔡滕(Süddeutsche Zeitung)称为“德国舞台上最有前途的歌手之一”。音乐一直存在于她的生活中,因为她的父亲是指挥家,母亲是歌剧演员。Naidu在慕尼黑音乐和戏剧学院和伦敦皇家音乐学院学习爵士乐演唱,在那里她与著名歌手兼ECM艺术家Norma Winstone一起学习。在Gasteig比赛中,她获得了Jugend jazzt、库尔特大众爵士乐奖、BMW Welt青年艺术家爵士乐奖和巴伐利亚新兴艺术家奖。Naidu现在在Leopard唱片公司Alma上发布了她充满希望的处女作。这部处女作是在疫情期间(2020年11月、2021年3月和4月)在波恩录制的,特邀演员多米尼克·米勒(Dominic Miller)、尼尔斯·兰德格伦(Nils Landgren)、西蒙·奥斯伦德(Simon Oslender)等。
《抓住我》(Hold To Me)在一个主要由民谣和柔和流畅的爵士乐组成的节目中,为我们提供了对奈杜才华的更有力的一瞥。这首歌有着层次分明的和声和爵士乐与流行音乐的交融。奈杜的歌词很美,与她写得很好的旋律配合得很好。这首歌在声音部分和乐器活动的密度上渐强,形成了令人激动的拱形聆听体验。奈杜的散播是在坚固的语调和有节奏的进动中控制和构建的。
《阿尔玛》是一部强劲的处女作,它表明奈杜的演唱和歌曲创作是独一无二的。她的歌词围绕着自然和浪漫,她的旋律与她浪漫的演唱风格融为一体。《阿尔玛》由爵士乐和芬克鼓手沃尔夫冈·哈夫纳(Wolfgang Haffner)制作,这是一部处女作,旨在展示奈杜杰出的声乐天赋。

Alma Naidu is a singer, pianist, composer, and lyricist based in Munich, Germany, where she has been described as ‘one of the most promising singers on the German scene’ by Süddeutsche Zeitung. Music has always been in her life as her father is a conductor and her mother an opera singer. Naidu studied jazz singing at the University of Music and Theatre in Munich and at the Royal Academy of Music in London, where she studied with the renowned singer and ECM artist Norma Winstone. At the Gasteig competition, she won Jugend jazzt, the Kurt Mass Jazz Award, BMW Welt Young Artist Jazz Award, and the Bavarian Prize for Emerging Artists. Naidu is now releasing her promising debut on the Leopard Records label called Alma. This debut work was recorded in Bonn during the pandemic (November 2020, March, and April 2021) and featured guests performers Dominic Miller, Nils Landgren, Simon Oslender, and others.

“Wondering” features a guest appearance by Argentine-born guitarist Dominic Miller, best known for his performances with Sting. Miller’s nylon-strung guitar pairs beautifully with Naidu’s warm romantic singing tone and style. The gentle mood fits the lyrics, imagery, and message. Naidu’s lyric writing is insightful and reflects both tension and optimism. Likewise, Miller’s solo is lyrical and backed by soft string sounds and Naidu’s flowing vocalization.

“Hold on To Me” offers a more energetic glimpse into Naidu’s talent in a program otherwise framed mostly by ballads and gentle smooth jazz. This song has layered vocal harmonies and a feel that crosses jazz with pop sensibilities. Naidu’s lyrics are beautiful and flow well with her well-written melody. The song crescendos in density of vocal parts and instrumental activity, making for an arching listening experience that is stirring. Naidu’s scatting is controlled and framed in sturdy intonation and rhythmic precession.

Alma is a strong debut and shows that Naidu’s singing, and songwriting are something unique and special. Her lyrics revolve around nature and romance and her melodies flow with her romantic singing style. Alma is produced by jazz and funk drummer Wolfgang Haffner and is a debut that has been created to show Naidu’s outstanding vocal talent.

01. Alma Naidu & Nils Landgren – Just a Word (3:53)
02. Hold on To Me (3:58)
03. Something ´bout the Rain (4:37)
04. And So It Goes (4:47)
05. Illusion (3:33)
06. Interlude (1:18)
07. Silence Plays Your Song (3:40)
08. Heart Pace (5:15)
09. Walberla (4:05)
10. Alma Naidu & Dominic Miller – Wondering (4:13)
11. White Tulip (4:23)
12. Another Kind of Love (4:46)



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