EXILES Max Richter

EXILES Max Richter


码率:24 bit / 48 kHz (Tracks) 
发行日期:2021 年 8 月 6 日


里希特被移民危机的悲剧深深感动,他选择将自己的同情心融入到荷兰丹麦剧院的一部作品中。他的芭蕾舞作品《流放》是在与荷兰公司常驻编舞索尔·莱昂(Sol León)和保罗·莱特福特(Paul Lightfoot)的对话中成长起来的。


We announce a new album from the prolific and pioneering composer Max Richter. Exiles features expansive reimaginings of tracks composed by Richter for a Virginia Woolf-inspired ballet, Fendi fashion runways, Hollywood blockbusters, Golden Globe-winning documentaries, and a record loved by David Bowie, as well as Richter’s 33-minute work also named Exiles.Profoundly moved by the tragedy of the migrant crisis, Richter chose to channel his compassion into a piece for Nederlands Dans Theater. His ballet score Exiles grew from a conversation with the Dutch company’s resident choreographers Sol León and Paul Lightfoot.The album, released today 6 August 2021, is available on CD, LP vinyl, and to download and stream.

1. Richter: Flowers Of Herself (8:34)
2. Richter: On The Nature Of Daylight (7:20)
3. Richter: The Haunted Ocean (2:20)
4. Richter: Infra 5 (5:35)
5. Richter: Sunlight (3:58)
6. Richter: Exiles (1:53)
7. Richter: Exiles (1:53)
8. Richter: Exiles (1:53)
9. Richter: Exiles (1:53)
10. Richter: Exiles (1:53)
11. Richter: Exiles (1:53)
12. Richter: Exiles (1:53)
13. Richter: Exiles (1:53)
14. Richter: Exiles (1:53)
15. Richter: Exiles (1:53)
16. Richter: Exiles (1:53)
17. Richter: Exiles (1:53)
18. Richter: Exiles (1:53)
19. Richter: Exiles (1:53)
20. Richter: Exiles (1:53)
21. Richter: Exiles (1:53)
22. Richter: Exiles (1:53)
23. Richter: Exiles (1:38)
24. Richter: Flowers Of Herself (3:57)
25. Richter: Exiles (3:23)



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