Lossless Tango à Trois – Café Banlieue

Lossless Tango à Trois – Café Banlieue 


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Tango – a mixture of powerful feelings, great passion, deep melancholy… Wonderfully emotional music that, in the hands of ‘Tango à trois’, is an exciting experience, even without the dancing.

The pieces are a charming combination of the plaintive, soulful Argentinian tango and its light-footed European counterpart, of bossa nova, cool jazz and classical chamber music.

In 1983, Peter Ludwig, a tango addict for over thirty years now, founded the legendary ensemble ‘Tango Mortale’ together with cellist Anja Lechner. Countless engagements at home and abroad testify to their huge success. As a composer and arranger, Peter Ludwig interprets the tango very much in his own style. His tangos are not of the exclusively gloomy, depressive and darkly emotional type we know from Argentina. His instrumental arrangements are characterised by his inspired imaginative power, which with each piece of music takes us on excursions into realms of fantasy and tells us stories of life, love and misfortune.

In the trio Tango à trois, which was formed in 2005, Peter Ludwig has joined forces with two congenial and supremely proficient interpreters of his compositions.

wistfulness, melancholy and nonchalance […] a wonderfully inspirational session […] It sounds fresh, happy, and the wistfulness exceeds the indifference of a bon vivant […]’ (Spiegel online, Joachim Kronsbein)

‘ … Passion, poured into a musical mold, and then sent on its way around the world … Peter Ludwig’s compositions light up the tango in all languages and in all shapes and forms … ‘ (Abendzeitung München)

01. Tango à Trois – E (3:30)
02. Tango à Trois – Hawai (3:59)
03. Tango à Trois – Café Banlieue (2:21)
04. Tango à Trois – Dezember Tango (4:12)
05. Tango à Trois – L’après-midi (2:35)
06. Tango à Trois – Smalls (6:05)
07. Tango à Trois – Just a Dream (3:33)
08. Tango à Trois – A.G. Mius (2:18)
09. Tango à Trois – Reims Rouge (2:42)
10. Tango à Trois – Milonga (4:21)
11. Tango à Trois – Barbara Bossa (4:17)
12. Tango à Trois – Le Petit (2:38)
13. Tango à Trois – La Belge (3:21)
14. Tango à Trois – Lisboa (5:58)



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