Morricone Cinema Suites for Violin and Orchestra

Morricone Cinema Suites for Violin and Orchestra Hi-Res

Quality:96kHz/24bit FLAC
Year Of Release:14 January 2022
Total Time:64min
Total Size

二十年来,马可·塞里诺一直是埃尼奥·莫里康的小提琴手,他在电影配乐和世界巡演中的独奏者,这些配乐都是为音乐厅重新制作的。2020年1月,在罗马意大利参议院举行的最后一场公开音乐会结束后,莫里科尼完成了这部宏伟而未出版的作品集的转录,这部作品在为小提琴和管弦乐队转录的组曲中重铸了他最著名的乐谱的主题。这项工作是与马尔科·塞里诺密切合作完成的,并将其作为两人艺术合作的成果献给他。该系列在已经在音乐会上表演的作品和在这个版本中第一次听到的其他作品之间交替。这位作曲家去世一年半后,这份非同寻常的文件见证了友谊和职业尊严,现在与作曲家之子安德里亚·莫里科内(Andrea Morricone)合作,成为一个录音项目。莫里科内指挥着博尔扎诺(Bolzano)和特伦托(Trento)的海顿交响乐团。

For twenty years Marco Serino was Ennio Morricone’s violinist, the soloist on his film soundtracks and on world tours where they were reworked for the concert hall. In January 2020, after what proved to be his last public concert, at the Italian Senate in Rome, Morricone finished the transcription of this magnificent and unpublished collection, which recasts the themes of his most famous scores in suites transcribed for violin and orchestra. The work was carried out in close collaboration with Marco Serino and dedicated to him as a fruit of the artistic partnership between the two men. The collection alternates between pieces already performed in concert and others that are heard in this version for the first time. A year and a half after the composer’s death, this extraordinary document, a testimony to friendship and professional esteem, now becomes a recording project with the collaboration of Andrea Morricone, the composer’s son, who conducts the Haydn Orchestra of Bolzano and Trento.

  • 01. Sergio Leone Suite: I. Deborah’s Theme from Once Upon a Time in America 3:09
  • 02. Sergio Leone Suite: II. Cockeye’s Song from Once Upon a Time in America 2:02
  • 03. Sergio Leone Suite: III. Main Theme from Once Upon a Time in America 1:39
  • 04. Sergio Leone Suite: IV. Main Theme from Once Upon a Time in the West 2:58
  • 05. Sergio Leone Suite: V. The Ecstasy of Gold from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 3:46
  • 06. Canone inverso: I. Canone inverso I e II 6:47
  • 07. Canone inverso: II. March 3:27
  • 08. Canone inverso: III. Finale interrotto 4:31
  • 09. Giuseppe Tornatore Suite: I. Playing Love from The Legend of 1900 1:59
  • 10. Giuseppe Tornatore Suite: II. Nostalgia from Cinema Paradiso 2:07
  • 11. Giuseppe Tornatore Suite: III. Looking for You (Love Theme) from Cinema Paradiso 1:42
  • 12. Giuseppe Tornatore Suite: IV. Main Theme from Malena 3:56
  • 13. Giuseppe Tornatore Suite: V. Main Theme from A Pure Formality (Remembering) 3:01
  • 14. The Mission: I. Gabriel’s Oboe 2:10
  • 15. The Mission: II. The Falls 3:14
  • 16. Brian De Palma Suite: I. Main Theme from Casualties of War 3:32
  • 17. Brian De Palma Suite: II. Death Theme from The Untouchables 3:25
  • 18. Moses and Marco Polo Suite: I. Journey from Moses 2:38
  • 19. Moses and Marco Polo Suite: II. Theme from Moses 1:49
  • 20. Moses and Marco Polo Suite: III. Main Theme from Marco Polo 3:37
  • 21. Per le antiche scale (from the Bolognini Movie) 2:23



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