Martha Argerich – Debut Recital – 1961-1995

Martha Argerich – Debut Recital – 1961-1995 Hi-Res


码率:24 bit / 96 kHz (Tracks)

“在这里,在这张内容丰富的专辑中,是音乐天才的积极聚宝盆。玛莎·阿格里奇 (Martha Argerich) 1961 年的唱片仍然是所有录制的首张专辑中最壮观的唱片之一,她的 1972 年李斯特奏鸣曲这首超大的附加曲目和安可更加强了这种印象。诚然,偶尔会让人想起她最紧张和反复无常的钢琴曲(肖邦的小曲)以及一些细微的不准确之处,但她的演奏总是以独特的炽热和个性闪耀。

Brahms Rhapsodies 的内部和舰队一样闪闪发光。记录中不再有善变的肖邦协奏曲,如果它的野蛮变得轻浮和怯懦(合唱的装饰听起来像狂躁的笑声),阿格里奇的细腻流畅会让其他小钢琴家嫉妒得流泪。

拉威尔的《Jeux d’eau》光彩地慵懒而闪耀,而《普罗科菲耶夫托卡塔》则以一种可以理解的方式激起了霍洛维茨的敬畏和热情。李斯特的《第六匈牙利狂想曲》是一部机智和大胆的奇迹,而 B 小调奏鸣曲是有史以来最耀眼的唱片之一。录音的磨损非常好,传输也很专业。” (留声机古典音乐指南)

“Here, on this richly filled album, is a positive cornucopia of musical genius. Martha Argerich’s 1961 disc remains among the most spectacular of all recorded débuts, an impression reinforced by an outsize addition and encore: her 1972 Liszt Sonata. True, there are occasional reminders of her pianism at its most fraught and capricious (Chopin’s Barcarolle) as well as tiny scatterings of inaccuracies, yet her playing always blazes with a unique incandescence and character.

The Brahms Rhapsodies are as glowingly interior as they’re fleet. No more mercurial Chopin Scherzo exists on record and if its savagery becomes flighty and skittish (with the chorale’s decorations sounding like manic bursts of laughter), Argerich’s fine-toned fluency will make other, lesser pianists weep with envy.

Ravel’s Jeux d’eau is gloriously indolent and scintillating and the Prokofiev Toccata is spun off in a manner that understandably provoked Horowitz’s awe and enthusiasm. Liszt’s Sixth Hungarian Rhapsody is a marvel of wit and daring and the B minor Sonata is among the most dazzling ever perpetuated on disc. The recordings have worn remarkably well and the transfers have been expertly done.” (The Gramophone Classical Music Guide)

01. Chopin: Scherzo No.3 in C sharp minor, Op.39 06:30
02. Brahms: Rhapsody (2) for Piano in B minor, Op.79, No.1 08:29
03. Brahms: Rhapsody (2) for Piano in G minor, Op.79, No.2 06:31
04. Prokofiev: Toccata for Piano in D minor, Op. 11 04:08
05. Ravel: Jeux d’eau 05:26
06. Chopin: Barcarolle for Piano in F sharp, Op.60 08:06
07. Hungarian Rhapsody (19) for Piano, No.6 in D flat, S.244 06:22
08. Lento assai – Allegro energico 03:01
09. Grandioso 01:58
10. Cantando espressivo 03:40
11. Pesante – Recitativo 02:05
12 Andante sostenuto 00:46
13. Quasi Adagio 04:48
14. Allegro energico 02:13
15. Più mosso 01:52
16. Cantando espressivo senza slentare 01:14
17. Stretta quasi Presto – Presto – Prestissimo 01:13
18. Andante sostenuto – Allegro moderato – Lento assai 02:58



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