Jenna Mammina – Close Your Eyes

Jenna Mammina – Close Your Eyes 2016

码率:11,2 MHz/1bit
录音时长:44:00 minutes

最初由Cookie Marenco制作,这些唱片上的音乐天赋与Jenna亲密的人声相结合,创造了一个宽敞的旋律。B-3管风琴上的马特·罗林斯、女高音萨克斯上的保罗·麦坎德里斯、吉他上的安德烈·布什、贝斯上的詹姆斯·恩格斯和鼓上的约翰·马德,詹娜的人声和多重和声将让人想起乔尼·米切尔在球场和火花上的一些作品。在“莲花”的节奏部分加入了罗布·伯格的手风琴打开了一个新的声谱。

“Close Your Eyes” is a sort of “Best Of” album, comprising tracks taken from different recordings that made by Jenna Mammina going back about ten years. Mostly these are recorded to 2″ analog tape, although a couple were recorded directly to DSD. For “Close Your Eyes” the original tapes were remastered to DSD256 using the very latest Pyramix equipment. The results are quite astonishing. Most tracks comprise Jenna on vocals, backed by Bass, Drums, Keyboards, and assorted other instruments including Guitar, Soprano Sax, and Accordion.

These are the first tracks from some of Jenna’s now classic early albums that have been remixed for high resolution audio from the original analog tapes and DSD sessions. Slated to be part of a “Producer’s Choice” series on Blue Coast Records, both “Dirty Work” (a Steely Dan cover) and “Lotus Blossom” sound as fresh today as when they first came out more than 10 years ago.

Originally produced by Cookie Marenco, the musicianship on these recordings combine with Jenna’s intimate vocal sound to create a spacious groove. With Matt Rollings on B-3 organ, Paul McCandless on soprano sax, André Bush on Guitar, James Genus on bass and John Mader on drums, Jenna’s vocals and multiple harmonies will remind some of Joni Mitchell’s work on Court and Spark. On “Lotus Blossom” the rhythm section is joined by Rob Burger on accordion opening a new sonic spectrum.

01 – Dirty Work
02 – Lotus Blossom
03 – You Can Close Your Eyes
04 – Watching The Detectives
05 – Wicked Game
06 – Running To Stand Still
07 – Pictures and Paintings
08 – I Hope That I Don’t Fall In Love With You
09 – Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
10 – When I’m Called Home



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