Kaori Muraji – Transformations

Kaori Muraji – Transformations (2004, 2016, Decca) [24-96]

Quality:flac lossless / flac 24bits – 96.0kHz
Genre: Classical
Year Of Release:2005
Total Time
Total Size

01. Lennon: Hey Jude
02. Lennon: Michelle
03. Lennon: Here, There and Everywhere
04. Lennon: Yesterday
05. Takemitsu: Hiroshima To lu Na Shonen
06. Takemitsu: Bad Boy
07. Theodorakis: Epitaphs-7. If Only I Had The Water of Life
08. Theodorakis: Epitaphs-4. You Have Set, My Star
09. Theodorakis: Epitaphs-3. A Day In May
10. Theodorakis: Epitaphs-6. At The Window
11. Tarrega: Variaciones Sobre El Carnaval de Venecia
12. Maxwell Davies: Farewell to Stromness
13. Takemitsu: All in twilight-Four pieces for guitar-1.
14. Takemitsu: All in twilight-Four pieces for guitar-2.-Dark
15. Takemitsu: All in twilight-Four pieces for guitar-3.
16. Takemitsu: All in twilight-Four pieces for guitar-4.-Slightly fast
17. Arlen: Over The Rainbow
18. Traditional: Londonderry Air
19. The Last Waltz
20. Sumner: La Belle Dame Sans Regrets
21. Sumner: Fragile
22. Nakada: A Song Of Early Spring



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