Tine Thing Helseth – Magical Memories

Tine Thing Helseth – Magical Memories(2021) Hi-Res


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1. Te Deum, H.146: Prelude (Arr. Tine Thing Helseth & Kåre Nordstoga) (1:21)
2. Bridal March from Østerdalen (Arr. Tine Thing Helseth & Kåre Nordstoga) (3:59)
3. Concerto in C Minor, S.Z799: Adagio (Arr. Johann Sebastian Bach & Tine Thing Helseth) (4:01)
4. Men går jag över ängarna (Arr. Jarle Storløkken) (3:33)
5. Sofðu unga ástin mín (Arr. Jarle Storløkken) (3:12)
6. 12 Songs, Op. 33: IX. Ved Rondane (Arr. Tine Thing Helseth) (2:24)
7. 12 Marches héroiques ‘Heldenmusik’, TWV 50: 31-42 I. Die Würde – La Majesté (Arr. Tine Thing Helseth & Kåre Nordstoga) (2:25)
8. 12 Marches héroiques ‘Heldenmusik’, TWV 50 : 31-42 II. Die Anmut – La Grâce (Arr. Tine Thing Helseth & Kåre Nordstoga) (2:52)
9. 12 Marches héroiques ‘Heldenmusik’, TWV 50: 31-42 III. Die Tapferkeit – La Vaillance (Arr. Tine Thing Helseth & Kåre Nordstoga) (1:25)
10. Bridal March from Sørfold (Arr. Tine Thing Helseth & Kåre Nordstoga) (3:47)
11. Shenandoah (Arr. Jarle Storløkken) (4:04)
12. Fanfares et Simphonies: Rondeau (Arr. Sue Mitchell Wallace & John Head) (1:35)
13. Gammal fäbodpsalm från Dalarna (Version for Trumpet and Organ) (4:05)
14. 6 Gesänge, Op. 34: II. Auf Flügeln des Gesanges (Arr. Tine Thing Helseth) (1:52)
15. Elegy for Trumpet and Organ, Op. 27 (3:21)
16. Den första gång jag såg dig (Arr. Tine Thing Helseth & Kåre Nordstoga) (2:43)
17. 12 Songs, Op. 33: II. Våren (Arr. Tine Thing Helseth) (4:43)
18. Suite in D Major: I. Prelude, The Duke of Gloster’s March (Arr. Robert Minter) (1:25)
19. Suite in D Major: II. Minuet (Arr. Robert Minter) (0:47)
20. Suite in D Major: III. Sybelle (Arr. Robert Minter) (1:06)
21. Suite in D Major: IV. Rondeau, The Prince of Denmark’s March “Trumpet Voluntary” (Arr. Robert Minter) (1:24)
22. Koppången (Arr. Jarle Storløkken) (3:33)
23. Vårsøg (Arr. Kåre Nordstoga) (3:34)
24. Peer Gynt, Op. 23 No. 2: Solveig’s Lullaby (Arr. Tine Thing Helseth) (3:22)
25. Trumpet Tune in C Major, ZT 678 (1:15)



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