Magdalena Hoffmann – Nightscapes

Magdalena Hoffmann – Nightscapes

Quality:FLAC (tracks) / 24bit-96kHz FLAC (tracks+booklet)
Year Of Release:2022
Total Time:01:14:20
Total Size:1.16 GB
Label:Deutsche Grammophon (DG)

无论是文学、绘画还是音乐,黑夜从未停止过对艺术家的激励。还有一个很好的理由:这不是一个亲密、内省的地方,尤其是想象力的地方吗?当夜晚的神秘通过音乐,尤其是竖琴来表达时,它触动了我们所有人,唤起了我们每个人非常具体的形象。玛格达琳娜·霍夫曼(Magdalena Hoffmann)在她的专辑《夜景》(Nightscapes)中为自己设定了捕捉夜晚魔力的任务:“我的乐器是营造这种亲密、但又是神奇和奇妙氛围的理想载体。竖琴经常与管弦乐队中的天堂或地狱时刻相对应,这并非毫无意义。
这张专辑包括竖琴的原创作品和钢琴曲的编排。前者包括本杰明·布里顿(Benjamin Britten)的竖琴组曲,作品83,这是20世纪竖琴曲目中的关键作品。还有亨利埃特·雷尼(Henriette Renié,1875-1956)创作的《卢丁舞曲》(Danse des lutins),法国竖琴演奏家福雷、德彪西和拉威尔为其作曲。
玛格达莱娜·霍夫曼还表演肖邦、克拉拉·舒曼、约翰·菲尔德、奥托里诺·雷皮吉和马塞尔·图尼尔的作品。尤其是夜曲的类型,传达了亲密和神秘的气氛,使其成为浪漫主义最典型的角色之一。但竖琴轻快的舞声也非常适合肖邦的华尔兹或让·米歇尔·达马斯的梵泰舞曲。霍夫曼则将乐器声音的特殊亲密感升华。一次神奇的夜晚漫步。©Lena Germann/Qobuz

The night has never ceased to inspire artists, whether in literature, painting or music. And for good reason: is it not the place of intimacy, introspection and – above all – of the imagination? When the mystery of the night is expressed in music, and in particular on the harp, it touches us all and evokes very concrete images in each of us. In her album Nightscapes, Magdalena Hoffmann has set herself the task of capturing the magic of the night: “My instrument is the ideal vehicle for this intimate, but also magical and fantastic atmosphere. It’s not for nothing that the harp often corresponds to celestial or underworld moments in the orchestra.

The German harpist, born in 1990 in Basel, discovered her favourite instrument at an early age. Her career took a turn when, in 2016, she received two special prizes at the ARD International Competition. Two years later, she became principal harp in the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra. In 2021 she signed an exclusive contract with Deutsche Grammophon, and Nightscapes is her first project.

The album consists of original compositions for harp and arrangements of piano pieces. The former includes Benjamin Britten’s Suite for Harp, Op. 83, a key work in the 20th-century repertoire for the instrument. There is also the Danse des lutins by Henriette Renié (1875-1956), a French harpist for whom Fauré, Debussy and Ravel composed.
Magdalena Hoffmann also performs pieces by Chopin, Clara Schumann, John Field, Ottorino Respighi and Marcel Tournier. The genre of Nocturnes, in particular, conveys the intimate and mystical atmosphere that made it one of the most typical character pieces of Romanticism. But the light, dancing sound of the harp is also perfectly suited to Chopin’s waltzes or Jean-Michel Damase’s Fantaisie. Hoffmann, for her part, sublimates the very special intimacy of the instrument’s sound. A magical stroll through the night. © Lena Germann/Qobuz

01. Magdalena Hoffmann – No. 3. Notturno. Lento (Version for Harp).flac
02. Magdalena Hoffmann – Chopin Valse in A Minor, KK IVb, No. 11 (B. 150) (Version for Harp in A Flat Minor).flac
03. Magdalena Hoffmann – Chopin Valse in E Minor, KK IVa, No. 15 (B. 56) (Version for Harp in E Flat Minor).flac
04. Magdalena Hoffmann – Field Nocturne in B Flat Major, H. 37 (Version for Harp).flac
05. Magdalena Hoffmann – Field Nocturne in G Major, H. 58 (Version for Harp).flac
06. Magdalena Hoffmann – Renié Danse des Lutins.flac
07. Magdalena Hoffmann – II. Notturno. Andante con moto (Version for Harp).flac
08. Magdalena Hoffmann – I. Overture. Majestic.flac
09. Magdalena Hoffmann – II. Toccata. Fast and gay.flac
10. Magdalena Hoffmann – III. Nocturne. Slow and quiet.flac
11. Magdalena Hoffmann – IV. Fugue. Lively.flac
12. Magdalena Hoffmann – V. Hymn. Slow and solemn.flac
13. Magdalena Hoffmann – Pizzetti Sogno (Version for Harp).flac
14. Magdalena Hoffmann – XII. La danse du Moujik.flac
15. Magdalena Hoffmann – No. 2 in A Minor Valse Brillante (Version for Harp).flac
16. Magdalena Hoffmann – I. Nocturne for Left Hand Alone (Version for Harp).flac
17. Magdalena Hoffmann – Damase Fantaisie pour harpe sur des motifs des Contes d’Hoffmann d’Offenbach.flac
18. Magdalena Hoffmann – No. 2 in F Sharp Minor. Andantino (Version for Harp).flac



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