Enrique Granados – Goyescas

Enrique Granados – Goyescas

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Year Of Release:2022
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受西班牙画家弗朗西斯科·德·戈雅(Francisco de Goya)的艺术和时代启发,戈耶斯卡(Goyescas)由六个乐章组成,横跨两本书,作曲家称之为“想象力和难度的巨大飞跃”。这部作品不仅是格拉纳多斯的最高成就,而且在西班牙音乐史上也具有重要意义,因为它与同时代的许多民族主义创作不同,它不仅肯定了安达卢西亚的独特性,而且肯定了戈雅一生大部分时间都在其中度过的城市和地区:马德里和卡斯蒂尔,特别是迷住戈雅的majo和maja的波西米亚性格。

Inspired by the art and times of Spanish painter Francisco de Goya, Goyescas comprises six movements spread across two books, described by the composer as “great flights of imagination and difficulty”. Not only is the work Granados’ crowning achievement, it is also of great significance in Spanish music history for, unlike many of the nationalist creations of his contemporaries, it affirmed the enduring distinctiveness not of Andalusia but rather of the city and region in which Goya spent most of his life: Madrid and Castile, particularly the bohemian characters of the majo and maja that had captivated Goya.

01. No. 1, Los requiebros
02. No. 2, Coloquio en la reja
03. No. 3, El fandango del candil
04. No. 4, Quejas o la maja y el ruiseñor
05. No. 5, El amor y la muerte (Balada)
06. No. 6, Epílogo (Serenata del espectro)
07. No. 7, El pelele (Escena goyesca)



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